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    Assistance with Intermatic Timer Replacement Model

    I have a saltwater system with a Hayward Tristar VS pump that has its own timer controlling when the pump runs and generates salt. This is connected to an Intermatic timer that controls when the pump receives power. Recently my Intermatic timer stopped working (gears don't turn) and I'm looking...
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    Hayward Goldline Aqua Rite Issues (Solid Check Salt / Inspect Cell)

    Recently I noticed the Check Salt and Inspect Cell lights were on solidly lit on my Hayward Aqua Rite system. I didn't think too much about this as we've had a lot of rain recently (central Florida) which tends to result in the pool needing extra salt. I added an extra bag of salt and let the...
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    Hello and Thank You

    Hello All, Like many others, I've recently purchased a new home that came with a swimming pool. Also, like many, I have never owned or maintained a pool, so this is a completely new and hopefully great experience that I am about to embark on! I noticed that every time I did a search on Google...