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    What's the biggest salt system availalbe?

    I have a 28k pool and most of the sizes available won't get me the recommended 2-3x capacity. My SJ-40 isn't cutting it and I want to upgrade. Question: if I get the SJ-55 version, is the cell plug and play? Can I just get a SJ-55 replacement cell and swap it into my SJ-40...
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    Filters need cleaning again after only 1-2 weeks?

    My pool guy just cleaned my cartridge filters and it hasn't even been 2 weeks and my flow is down to nothing with PSI 10+ higher. This is a recurring problem, I always have to clean the filters myself once or twice a month in between the 3 month cleanings the pool guy does (3 months is average...
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    Intelliflo pressure limit reached error

    My flow to the pool has dropped to almost zero, even after cleaning and replacing the filter. PSI on the filter tank reads 16, which is just below the "start" mark and well below the "clean" mark, so the problem is elsewhere. Where is the pressure sensor on the pump itself? Does it just sense...
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    What is this soft silica looking stuff in my filter?

    My past few filter cleanings had a significant amount of this stuff that looks like diaper silica, soft and rubbery to the touch. Any ideas about where it's coming from? Hadn't seen it in past years and if I could prevent it my filter would be much happier.
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    How do any pool services stay in business?? I've fired 3 so far...none of them "get" it

    I used to frequent TFP and maintain my own pool...maintained a full year of perfect water with zero issues. But then I had to start traveling for work (often 4+ weeks at a time), so I figured I'd hire a pool service. Each summer, my pool turned green. The services all follow the same pattern...
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    Pool light always leaks

    My pool light always leaks and trips the breaker. I take it apart, clean it, let it dry out, install a new gasket, follow youtube guides to seal it back up etc, but it's never lasted more than a month or two (sometimes less). Any last recommendations before I replace the whole thing ($$$) ...
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    Jandy Aqualink RS8 automatically turns on spa jet pump after power outage

    Pretty much what the title says. If the control panel loses power (i.e. power outage or I turn the breaker off to work), when power comes back on, the clock is wrong, backlight setting is back on (normally I set it to off), and the jet pump is on-indicator illuminated, and running in the actual...
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    Dual-speed pump recommendations?

    Amazon and Ebay aren't helping me much with my research. I need a 2.0 HP dual-speed or variable speed pump to replace my energy-hog single speed pump. Recommendations or buying guides? Also please clarify: I'd set the low speed to run for daily filtration, then select higher speed for...
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    61 FC after shock? Doesn't make sense

    Bottom line: Added 8 gal 10% hypo to <1 FC pool, now testing shows I have 61 FC? Pool calculator said 8 gal would add 30 FC. Tested after 24 hours running the pump. I added my pool water to the 10mL line, added bottled water to the 44 mL line for dilution, 2 powder scoops, and it took 28...
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    Dumping acid bucket back into pool after cleaning cell?

    I had some calcium buildup and just cleaned my cell by putting it in a bucket with 5:1 ratio of acid to water (needed about half a gallon of acid). Is it ok to dump this bucket back into the pool if I need to add acid anyway?
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    Can't find PAR16 LED replacement

    I have a pentair series 7810 fixture that says 60W, 120v, "PAR 16" for the bulb type. Here is the fixture: The bulb went out and I want to replace it with an LED equivalent, something like these which I just used...
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    What do all these valves do? (pic)

    Moved into this house with no pool instructions included, but I think found the right place to learn :) I've got the pool chemistry down, but haven't figured out these valves. Can someone please explain what these valves do and how/when I need to use them. The cartridge filter is above the...
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    Why aren't salt water generators more popular vs liquid chlorine?

    I'm reaching the end of my first year of pool ownership. My first instance of "oh crud the pool went from blue to green in 24 hours" brought me here. And my pool's been perfect ever since I've educated myself. However, I feel ridiculous buying tons of bleach every trip to the grocery store...