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    Can I use the Tablets to raise my CYA?

    Thanks all, We have an inline chlorinator so I'll add them to that. As for PH it was 8.2 and TA was 90 so both on the high side 2 days ago. Add Acid to treat and will retest Wed
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    Can I use the Tablets to raise my CYA?

    thanks. I added 4lbs of conditioner to get it from 20 to 30, via sock in strainers. I figure to put some tabs in and test every 4-5 days.
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    Can I use the Tablets to raise my CYA?

    My current CYA is 30 and I'd like to get it closer to 50 as we are now getting warmer. I've used the conditioner and sock in the skimmer to get it here but wondering if I should or could just get some Chlorine tablets and add both at once? I am using liquid chlorine now.
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    Top Drain - Overflow blocking device

    The bottom of the overflow drain is just above the water level. Yes, we have autofill and that is the level the system is set at. Yes, adding a cover will allow rain/play to keep another 1.5 or 2 inches in the pool and eleminate play waves from sending water out of the pool.
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    Top Drain - Overflow blocking device

    Has anyone used this or similiar items to block the overflow and keep water from going out when you go swimming? We used our pool for the first time and don't like the idea of loosing the water for no reason. Top Drain
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    Official 2020 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    Made these babies this week. The only benefit of working from home, I can cook like this any day of the week now.
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    What's your current pool temp?

    Temp starting 3/25 was 66. Put the Solar cover, I finally got on. With that and 86 high temp was 71. This morning it's down to 69. Hope with almost 90 today we will start pushing upper 70's
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    Basketball Hoop Comparison

    Thoughts / advantages on using the hoops with the bases that have more traditional rim vs having one of the floating styles? Is it just preference. My kids are older and not much for basketball players but looking for activities and thought the floating style may be just enough.
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    Solar cover or heater?

    Wondering about a solar cover will it add enough heat to make the work and from reviews repurchase every few years worth it. or Do we spend more on a solar panel heater unit? Problem is where my equipment is currently located, there is a large shade tree covering most of that roof area. Can...
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    Little to no CYA, do I add or wait?

    Still getting used to this stuff. I've been adding liquid chlorine instead of using the pucks as i was trying to avoid CYA. But doing the dot test from my kit, I'm not sure I have any CYA or at least I can fill up the tube and still see the black dot. Should I buy a bucket of tabs for use to...
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    DFW Pool Build Quote

    Price seems a bit high for me. We are south of DFW with a 40x18 pool extra patio and sidewalk and were over 20k less then that.
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    New Years Polar Bear Plunge!!!

    I set a goal in August when research started that I wanted to swim on Thanksgiving. Dug hole mid October Pool water was about 50 - outside was 40. Swam across 40ft of pool.
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    My 1st test. Now what

    I can find the HDX Chlorinating Liquid. It says 'shock' but guessing that's the same. 10% so when i did the math on the App it came out with adding 1/2 gallon. Seems simple and I feel I may be overthinking this thing. Also do I need to worry about the PH level at 7.8. Should I be adding...
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    My 1st test. Now what

    21,000 gal pool Tablet Feeder 1st time pool owner, 1st time tester. Bit freaked out Did my 1st test with the TFP test kit. Pool has been taken care of by install contract until last week. My numbers are below. 1st time so hopefully correct FC - 1 PH - 7.8 TA - 110 CYA - 30 CH - 300 CSI - says...
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    Correct pool RPM question

    Correct just tablet feeder, which after reading difference of that versus liquid, I'm wondering do I just get and add liquid when needed to avoid the other issue?
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    Correct pool RPM question

    Our pool is up and running now. I'm wondering what the correct RPM I should have the pump at when it runs. I currently have it set at 2k and set to run for 8 hours a day. Our free pool service just ended and I'll be taking over. Waiting for the arrival of my TFP kit so I can get numbers and...
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    1st timer

    We thought about a sleeve or pedestals and table but I'm looking at the space for future (5-7+ years) for the grandkids to play in 3.5' water. Had the dig 10/14 and yes your seeing 8-15 inches of dirt and then solid limestone all the way down.
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    1st timer

    Made a few adjustments during final decision meeting. Pool Size: 40' x 18' Perimeter: 116 Feet Area: 720 Sq. Ft. Gallons: 21,000 Depths: 3'6" x 5'10" x 4'6" Pump: Pentair Intelliflo VSF Variable Speed Pump Filter: Pentair Clean and Clear Plus 420 Cleaner: Pentair Kreepy 920 Robotic Computer...
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    1st timer

    We are about to put in our first pool. I'm excited and anxious as this has been on the wish list for over 4 years when we made the move from Nebraska to Texas (south of Dallas). Inground approx 21,000 gal Overall 40' x 18' Depth 3.5' to 6.5' Tanning Ledge 8'x6' Extra seating. Straight old...