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    Thinking of changing to a cartridge filter.

    Hi all, I’m thinking I’m of changing to a cartridge filter from my current sand filter. Any recommendations would be apprecited with regard to size, brand, etc. My pool is 15000 gallons
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    New 2 speed pump - a couple of questions.....

    I have the same pump. Use a rubber "dead blow" mallet to remove and replace the lid. Couple of strikes with the mallet on the ears of the lid do the trick. Dont use a hammer. Any box store will have a dead blow hammer. EDIT: Yes my sig says I have a Hayward pump, but I haven't changed my sig in...
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    What Type of Heat.....NOT AN EASY ANSWER

    Gas. Heat pumps are junk in the northeast unless it's mid june to mid august. But i like my pool 84-88 degrees.
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    Question about wire gauge from house to panel

    Suit yourselves. Its not my money. I'd run aluminum everyday and twice on Sunday's and never think twice. And yea, #4 copper would work on 80 amps. Id run the #3 if i were using copper, but that's just me. Depends on which temperature rating you want to use. If the termination lugs aren't...
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    Question about wire gauge from house to panel

    Oh, and conduit size needs to be at least 1.5 " PVC, and I'd use 2"at that distance. You can also use #4 copper for the ground.
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    Question about wire gauge from house to panel

    At 150 feet for <3% voltage drop on 80 amps, you want #3 copper or #1 aluminum. If it were me, id run 100 amps. If you ever wanted a heat pump, you'd need it. I'd never go through all that work of installing a sub panel out by a pool to run all the equipment with less than 100 amps. For 100...
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    Help me decide how to heat my pool

    Gas, you'll be happier, I promise.
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    Underground Plumbing Connections

    I agree. If it's not leaking, don't mess with it. Leave the poly alone. It's fine the way it is. I'd replace the pump with a 2 speed. Variable speed pumps are expensive and the electric rates in a Massachusetts are cheap enough that you wouldn't get the return on investment. I have a 2 speed...
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    Heat Pump questions

    Just my opinion. I live in Massachusetts. I have a heat pump. Aquacomfort 100,000 BTU. May as well be a boat anchor. In practice, they only work down to about 65 degrees. I bought it when I put the pool in 9 years ago. I used it 2 seasons and said enough of this and got gas. I figured id use the...
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    Home Automation and Integration with Alexa / Google Home

    I'm all good. I got it working. My issue was the pool name. I tried to name it Pentair: XX-XX-XX, just like on the screen logic home screen. Turns out the skill didn't like that. I just named it "My Pool", entered the brick ID, and it added it to the skill. Works great. My pool's closed, but I...
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    Home Automation and Integration with Alexa / Google Home

    I just got an Echo/Alexa. Having trouble getting the skill for the Pentair set up. I enter the name and brick ID, but it says the verification failed. I need to call Pentair and see what's up. I don't get home until 6:30 most nights and haven't had a chance to call them for a trouble shoot yet.
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    VSP keeps tripping breakers

    ^^^^ This x100
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    VSP keeps tripping breakers

    I've also seen discussed the possibility that time (i.e. brush and armature wear) will cause more line noise. So that's a possibility. The NEC only updated the code in 2014 to require a hard wired pump to have a GFCI breaker. Im guessing how this went was: They were sitting around updating the...
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    VSP keeps tripping breakers

    No amount of rewire, new GFCI breakers, new motors, etc, will fix this issue. Look around the net at professional sparky sights. They all see this problem with VSP. A Siemens breaker MIGHT fix it for a bit. My understanding is that the Siemens breaker trips at 6mA difference, the others are 3-4...
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    Two Stage gas line question

    ^^^^ this
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    Gas Heater and Heat Pump

    I'm in Massachusetts and I have both a gas heater and a heat pump. I had the HP first, but wasnt doing the job on other end of the season. I was like you. I thought I'd use the gas to heat the pool when I wanted fast heat and use the HP to maintain during the summer. You know what, I havent...
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    Pentair IC40 Red Flow Light

    I figured the beer tab analogy would work :D I actually had to bend the magnet on mine a little at one point. I get ~20 GPM on low speed with my 2 speed Pentair. But, the tab still wouldnt close the circuit. A nice pentair rep told me (without really saying it, if you catch my drift) to bend it...
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    Pentair IC40 Red Flow Light

    Temperature of the water will not have anything to do with the flow light. On the IC-40, there is a little tab that looks like a beer tab (im showing my age) in the middle of the cell that has to touch another contact to complete the circuit. The water has to be flowing fast enough to move that...
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    Any special concerns about using SWGs in Texas (Austin area)?

    FWIW, I've had a salt water pool and limestone coping since 2008 and have not seen a problem. But we get a lot of rain, relative to the southwest. So YMMV
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    Mesh safety cover 101. Need help.

    Sorry for the confusion. I don't lower the water below the skimmer. I leave it around 3/4 from the top of the skimmer. I other words, there is water in the skimmer, but lower than it would be when I have the pool open. I find that's about the right level to hold the snow load I usually get. In...
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    Mesh safety cover 101. Need help.

    Put some water back in the pool. Leave about a foot to 15 inches below the top of the pool. Re-hook the straps you took off so the cover will work properly and you'll be good. The cover is designed so the majority of the weight of the snow will be held by the water underneath. I had 4 feet plus...
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    Pentair IC40 Issue

    Probably nothing wrong with it except the water is too cold. That brand usually stops working below about 65 degrees
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    Mesh safety cover 101. Need help.

    James is correct. Your water level is too low. I only lower my water level to just above the bottom of the skimmer. In other words, I have water in the skimmer. It's ok as long as the gizmo plug is in the skimmer. My returns are cover with water. I blow the lines wet. Put some more water in the...
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    Salt Level Decreasing, Aeration a Factor?

    ^ This Most salt tests are only accurate to +/- 400 as Jason said, and it could vary a little more. As long as the generator is happy and making chlorine, its fine.
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    Coping over auto cover, pavers vs.concrete?

    Generally when you use pavers for the pool deck, you enter use a solid stone for the coping, or use pavers for the coping but mortar them to the edge of the pool so they don't move. However, witha fiberglass pool, I have no idea how that work. I'd defer to the builder.
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    PCB connector for Pentair Easytouch relays 2 pin

    I found this on Amazon. $14.26 for the relay and wire. Where did you buy the ones you got? Everyone I can find online come with the wire. Pentair 520106 Relay Assembly Replacement Pool and Spa Control Systems, 3 HP: Patio, Lawn Garden
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    Intellichlor Union cracked

    You can do that or get a 2" repair coupling. This video shows how to do it. The one shown here is a smaller pipe, but the idea is the same. How to Repair PVC: The Slip Fix Fitting - YouTube Is the leak between the old PVC pipe and the coupling?
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    Water Coming out Pool Light Pipe

    Why are there wires for the pool pump in the light conduit?
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    Any advice on pool cover in NJ

    +1 on the loop loc
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    Water Coming out Pool Light Pipe

    Raise the box. Thats the proper fix. As others haave said, its normal to have water in the conduit. Thats why the code calls for the juncion box to be above the water level of the pool.