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    Continuation of an odyssey

    I'm so excited for you!!
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    Pool stability. Installed a 24 x 12 x 52 above ground pool.

    Elbows most almost certainly mean an Intex type. I am assuming here, but a rectangle ABG pool with elbows screams that type of pool. Can you show us some pictures of your setup? Tell us more about how you prepared the spot, and how you installed the legs? Did you add pavers? Were they flush...
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    So confused.

    I hate to think that you're coming away from TFP feeling like you're not getting the help you need. While sometimes people can be short with answers, please remember that those people are sometimes answering many questions every day, and the bottom line is that if you follow the directions...
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    Excited for our house with pool!

    Do you mean you could only pour a little in before the dot disappeared? If so, do a diluted test with 50% pool water and 50% tap water, then do the test again and multiply your result by 2. Regardless, if it's above 100 you'll want to do a partial drain to lower it. Ph is a little low, you...
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    All Spa Owners Should read this: Valuable Lesson Learned: ALWAYS Pull hot tub cover cores out and check them when you receive a new cover

    There's no keywords for you to fill in, I was just thinking of editing the thread title itself.
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    All Spa Owners Should read this: Valuable Lesson Learned: ALWAYS Pull hot tub cover cores out and check them when you receive a new cover

    Thanks for your investigative reporting! This will help people in the future searching for info. You may wish to modify your thread title a little though to include key words like spa cover or vapor barrier which will make it easier to find years down the road.
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    Continuation of an odyssey

    Yay for plaster! Really nicely done though, I'm surprised as it twas super teal at first I thought it was some kind of paint. Insofar as that water meter, the plate should just come off. But it doesn't look like it's been opened in eons. Doesn't the water company come out and read it so...
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    New pool and first TF-100 Measurements - CYA 100+

    Borax works great on cloth diapers. Helps them come out nice and white, and very fresh (clean!). Also, I wanted to note that the trichlor tablets are acidic, so using them actually helps keep your pH lower. But stop using them. No more CYA for you! :cool:
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    Ready to start TFP with a SLAM

    Chlorox all has something extra in it now, don't buy Chlorox. Get the regular, no scented, no splashless, no nothing special usually cheaper 6% bleach.
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    Thought I could trust my pool store water test, but Who said “I won’t get fooled again!”

    Or, you could share a little of that $ you've saved and become a TFP Supporter and potentially (depending on level) get a FREE TFP shirt and some super slick discounts at and (with all levels). :lovetfp:
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    Looks Like Im Going To Have To Slam

    Are you using 25ml for testing FC? Try 10ml and then each drop is .5ppm. It'll save reagents. Did I already mention that? Feels like I did. But maybe not. Every time I see .2 in results I try to save people some money so I tend to say it a lot here lately. Taylor instructions show the...
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    Bouncy castle air blower for closing?

    Hehe, when I saw the title I thought you were going to have a pool closing party. :wink:
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    Pool can't hold chlorine

    I see you gave a result for CC as .2, but your FC is 10.5. Not sure if you're using the 25ml sample, but if you are you can use the 10ml sample. Each drop is .5ppm which is plenty precise for your purposes. It will save reagents.
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    Using lots of acid

    Look for the 31% acid. It's twice the potency, usually the same cost. Leave TA at 70 and see if your pH doesn't rise as fast. 70 is fine, just watch your CSI in Pool Math (subscribe and turn on "share with TFP" so we can see your logs). Turn off the spa spillover when you don't need it...
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    SLAMing an abondoned pool

    Can you clarify what you're understanding by saying "not ideal to scoop while SLAM"? Do you mean scoop for leaves and debris? If so, by all means do that as much as you can. As long as you have organic materials in the pool you're going to lose chlorine quickly and it won't have much of a...
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    Troubled intex pool owner

    They don't do this on the new models intake/suction side, but they do have an "air jet" on the return side that adds air. It's convenient if you want to raise pH, but not so much when you don't. It's different than the one shown in this thread though. I don't have a pic that shows it without...
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    weird blue floaties

    Pool noodle chunks?
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    Looks Like Im Going To Have To Slam

    That's clearly algae. OCLT was unnecessary with visual algae like that ;). Take account of the pump running 24/7, SLAM level chlorine, and reagents... then compare to draining, washing with bleach, refilling and adding a bit of CYA. Hard to judge how much chlorine it'll take since you don't...
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    Excited for our house with pool!

    Did you see my reply to your other thread? If you added 16 pounds of baking soda, that would have raised TA by 67ppm and your pH by .14. There's no way that didn't work. The test strips are JUNK. Throw them away. Don't put any more baking soda in till you have a good test kit and can verify...
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    Giving TFP a Try

    While it's possible the powder is bad, I've never had a problem with it and the TFP powder is guaranteed to be fresh. If it IS the powder or R-0871 for some reason, TFTestkits will remedy it. I'm using 5yo lavender colored powder this year since it works exactly the same as my brand new TFP...
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    Looks Like Im Going To Have To Slam

    Rats! Next time you end up not being able to add chlorine or don't get to it till the next day, just add a couple/few ppm above target. Or, better yet add 1-2ppm above target every day just in case you have a long day again. Doing OCLT at or under minimum probably didn't help much either...
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    Giving TFP a Try

    Do your test about half hour after you add the chlorine (with pump running). Sounds like your green pool is eating it up pretty fast and that 5ppm you're adding every day is disappearing entirely. SLAM level for 20ppm CYA is 10ppm FC. I didn't realize you had a green pool, so after you figure...
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    I have to completely drain my pool

    I suppose it could be copper. But at <0.00050ppm or maximum 0.00071ppm it seems unlikely that it would cause a noticeable green tint. It's most assuredly not iron which is undetected in this most recent report.
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    How can you tell how much chlorine is being generated?

    You can use the 10ml sample for FC and CC testing. Each drop is .5ppm. It will save your reagents and is plenty precise for your purposes.
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    Closing Pool, Pool Covers, etc - in ARIZONA???

    Have you tried skimmer socks or hairnets to catch the smaller leaves? I have no further assistance to offer... I didn't know there were actual trees in AZ, I'd keep them too. Trees are awesome. Do you have to water them specifically?
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    Excited for our house with pool!

    Hi and Welcome to TFP! How are you chlorinating? TA of 2 is odd. Pool store testing is not to be trusted. Best to just not go back there and if you do, don't bring water. Just buy chlorine and get out. You need your own proper test kit ASAP. See . We recommend the TF-100 as it is the...
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    First time pool owner needing help

    Green film always means algae. You can use your shock liquid for daily chlorinating, it's just higher percentage bleach. You'll need to perform the . It's not a one time addition of shock product, it's a process. Read and the algae articles in Pool School. Maybe these will help.
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    Amy from South Dakota

    Hello Amy! Welcome to TFP! Read up in Pool School, with particular importance paid to . Get your test kit on order ASAP! See You can post your questions in another thread in the forum that matches your questions. Ask away!
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    Phil from Knoxville TN

    Hi Phil! Welcome to TFP! Your pool shouldn't be a nightmare, I suggest that you read and there's lots of other good info in Pool School. You do need a proper test kit, see . Oops, I think I just responded to you in another thread. Welcome anyway!
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    4400 gallon above ground pool.

    Hi and welcome to TFP! Please read and also a lot of other good info in Pool School. You need to perform the . It is not a one time thing, or product that will work magically like you're expecting when you "shock" the pool as you've been doing. Also, those test strip are junk. Seriously...