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  1. vkingbb

    Salt water system? Or Chlorine with a UV light Fikter

    SWG fan here. Bought a cupronickel heat exchanger prior to SWG conversion BECAUSE I got upsold that was my problem with my chlorine based system. Tri-chlor, chemicals, etc...etc.. SWG works - at least for meand following the simple plans this site provides.
  2. vkingbb

    New to Salt Water Pools

    Ratts! SWG pools are really easy to maintain, A Love/Hate relation about SWG for us pool owners ;).. Any ways, can you get the Cell tested - before you rebuy a T-Cell? Might be a controller problem, not a T-Cell. I looked, on the Hayward/AquaRite site and there seems to be no way to test if...
  3. vkingbb

    New to Salt Water Pools

    Couple things... Hayward and AquaRite are the same Company. That msg MIGHT be a simple "check salt" and "inspect cell" warning. Try this... Inspect Cell LED will flash alone when the 500 operational hour timer has expired. To manually reset the Inspect Cell LED, press and hold the Diagnostics...
  4. vkingbb

    Aqua rite control panel lifespan?

    Control Panel should be replaced. You, Never said what level of t-cells. Not sure what using a "jump wire" on a t-cell means. My honest thoughts are: replace the Control Panel and your t-cells. Start fresh. SWG systems work. Cost, maybe 3k USD or 2.5 UK, and the ROI is worth it for swim...