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    I’m back in the water business with a new hot tub!

    Hey everyone! I missed you. I sold my home a couple years ago and left a TFP maintained pool and hot tub. I’ve just now acquired a used (2015) LPI X-12. The deck is built. Wiring is going in as we speak. Big strong people are on the way to haul all 975lbs off the trailer and onto the spot made...
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    Goodbye, to my pool/hot tub

    The house is selling and we are hoping the new owners enjoy the pool and hot tub as much as we did. TFP has made things great. I'm wondering if there is a way I can promote TFP to the new owners. Do you have a logo, or something I could print out and leave by the pool/hot tub referring them to TFP?
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    Filter for top off water

    My house RO filter makes beautiful completely neutral TDS free water at the cost of a lot of backwash water and time. Is there a good filter that will do something similar on a larger scale for water used to replace evaporation in the pool? It seems like I get my TA just right just to have it go...
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    Anybody have their Intex AGP liner lose its color?

    All of the color in mine has gone away below the water line. It's just white now. I've been pretty religious about keeping the FC level inside the FC/CYA chart. I did SLAM once for 4 days with one overshoot but the fading started well after. It happened over about a month, or maybe three weeks...
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    Clorox bleach crystals

    Just saw a commercial for "Clorox Bleach Crystals". It was along with "Splashless" liquid. I've seen warnings not to use Splashless. I wonder how the crystals are bound. Depending on the dissolving rate and the byproducts it would leave in the pool, it might be a good material for a chlorine...
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    Rambling thoughts on my pool care

    I just re-read my Taylor K-2006 instruction booklet. So full of good information and a good confirmation of most of the advice I see here. You see things in print like "CYA above 100 ppm can make chlorine ineffective and is not allowed by some laws for community pools", which is really the basis...
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    SLAM status log

    I'm starting a SLAM today. Water continues to be cloudy and chlorine usage has started creeping up. The last couple of days, to prepare: Ordered an extra XL from (and a speedstir for fun) Good vacuuming of the pool floor Good long backwash of the sand filter. Start up psi is 8psi...
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    Bromine testing

    I'm having a hard time getting a grip on what's going on with my spa so I bought some r-0872 to go with my K-2006C kit components. I thought the r-0872 would work with the r-0870 powder to show Bromine (and not chlorine). After adding bleach and letting it mix then testing three times with OTO...
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    Can't keep BR levels up in spa

    Two part question: Background- 220gal jacuzzi, 2 speed, cartridge filter, filled in March with city water, TA and pH balanced to 70 TA and pH stable around 7.5 when aeriating. It is a tub we were given which I replaced the pump and some plumbing but never did an ahhh-some treatment to. I added...
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    Thank you. That is all.

    I see a lot of people post on here asking for solutions to problems. The nice people who have been here a while usually take the long route of suggesting and nudging those folks toward following the TFP method completely and fully one step at a time. We all like to learn our lessons the hard...
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    Jacuzzi H-490000 flow switch problem

    I cannot get the flow sensing switch set right on this tub. It screws into the end of the heater and senses pressure so the control board knows when the pump turns on or off. The problem seems to be, it is a very small tub (220gal) and having it set right when no one is in it means when two...
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    Bromine spa regular oxidizer amounts

    From the sticky, @chem geek said: How do I use Bromine in my spa (or pool)? You could just add some bleach or MPS, up to you (bleach is less expensive, of course). Each fluid ounce of 6% bleach in 350 gallons would increase the bromine level by around 3 ppm. Can I calculate my oxidizer...
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    Wow, I wish I had seen this forum years ago!

    I ran across you guys while searching for a raspberry pi hot tub controller. After browsing the forums, it looks like a wealth of information on pool maintenance. I muddled around for three years trying to figure out how to take care of my AGP's. This place would have saved me lots of time and...