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    Non-Winter, Non-Solar Basic Cover?

    Buy a micromesh cover. They are great. This is what I have and secure it with spring clamps. Takes 2 minutes
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    Help pump broken and green algae!

    My advice would be to pour in some bleach each day (probably a gallon or so, you can tinker around with poolmath) and swirl it around with a broom or something kind of like creating a whirlpool effect until the pump comes. Tip for next year, open the pool up in April, do not wait until the...
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    Leaking and cant find it

    This might seem obvious but don't refill the pool until the water level goes below the skimmer. If it just stops at the skimmer that's where your leak is. If it goes below the skimmer and keeps dropping then you can rule out the skimmer.
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    Stable pool ladder

    I used a small piece of wood between the ladder and rail. Then I used large clamps on the ladder and underneath the rail on both sides. I painted the clamps by the way
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    CH question for vinyl pools

    Thanks. With the shortage in bleach I may have to buy pool shock that has calcium in it but sounds like I'm fine.
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    CH question for vinyl pools

    Just want to make sure the CH tests don't really matter for vinyl pools. I did the test and it was 2 drops so 50ppm. Does that number matter at all? Is that something that vinyl pools even need to be aware of?
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    Hot mess - feeling clueless with first Ever reopening after winter.

    get yourself the right test kit the TF-100 and stop going to the pool store. To start def drain some of your pool, I'm assuming you were using pucks and that's why your CYA number is so high? Drain and refill to lower the CYA and start using about a gallon a day of liquid chlorine or bleach...
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    Spend my $3000--please!

    Yep pool factory buyer here. Very Very pleased. Much better price than that $5k
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    Opening pool and leaks everywhere

    For the 1st pic use some teflon tape with about 5 wraps and then use better hose clamps something like this is what I use. Also, buy a nut driver to screw in the hose clamps. Can't answer the last pic as I have a cartridge filter...
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    Just dont know what to get (new to the world of above ground pool)

    check out the pool factory, they can be installed semi-inground. I have them for a regular above ground pool and it's a great pool.
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    opening and bird poop

    I had a similar problem. I have a 15 foot pool and the sparrow birds would land on my solar cover and just drink the pool or rain water and then poop everywhere on the cover or the rails. When we know we won't be using the pool for a few days we put bird netting up so they can't land on the...
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    First time salt water

    I would def buy the one rated for 15k gallons
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    First time salt water

    You would likely need to supplement with bleach. I have a similar size pool and intex salt generator. I'd say I use about a cup of bleach once a week for my pool. I run my filter about 3-4 hrs a day
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    TA dropping

    Yeah I wouldn't do anything about the TA. Regarding adding chemicals, as Duraleigh said, it doesn't matter.
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    TA dropping

    I use the TF-100 kit. Since the day I started using it my TA has been 40. It's been 3 years and it's always 40. Which is great because my PH usually stays at 7.5 and barely moves. So 40 works great for me
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    HELP!!!! Huge hole in winter cover

    I use a micro mesh cover it's great. Throw a few floats underneath so its not sitting on the pool. The water drains through and the leaves just blow off. I use the spring clamps to keep it on..... these really help
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    Salt Chlorine Generator On Above Ground?

    Yep much easier than daily chlorine. Just be aware that your pump has to be running in order for the salt cell to be working. Since I have a single speed 1HP Pump I only run my pump for 3 hours (5,000 gal pool). And maybe weekly add about 2 cups of bleach to supplement the salt. If you want...
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    Need help keeping winter cover elevated

    Try spring clamps to secure the cover.
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    Help me decide which AGP

    I have the saltwater 5000 pool. Excellent pool. I recommend that one.
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    Water splashing out of skimmer

    I just put a piece of duct tape over the opening........... Then I installed a $.99 furniture handle over the duct tape so I can take the cover off. Love the handle
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    Sand base question

    So I had my pool installed over 2 years ago. They did a great job. I used the foam cove around the pool and they used the sand base and wet it and tamped it down. The other day I noticed maybe a cup or 2 worth of sand near the exterior of the pool. How can the sand have gotten past the foam...
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    Help pool frustrating

    Why do you say non-clorox bleach?
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    Above ground salt water system

    Buy a pool that has all resin components like I did. Don't need to worry about rust anymore.......
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    Opened yesterday....quick question

    Yeah leave ALK alone. I had a 40 the entire year and my PH remained very stable.
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    Which salt to buy?

    yep I use the same thing the blue bag diamond crystals water softener
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    Pool factory

    Pool factory customer. Great company to deal with. Excellent pool. I liked the unibead liner better as well. Excellent customer service
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    Ugh. Winter cover is in the pool

    I would not touch that cover, leave it be. If you're worried about leaves and such maybe you can buy another cover. I use 2 inch spring clamps to keep the covers on my pool.
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    AGP Online Retailers

    Vote here for the pool factory. Excellent company, excellent customer service. I called there maybe 3-4 times and very knowledgeable people picked up and explained all my questions. I got the saltwater 5000 and love it.
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    Chlorinating a winterized pool

    Why did you leave your pool uncovered? Uncovered pools burn off chlorine and grow algea even in say Oct & nov when the water temps are still 60
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    Weight of Snow/Slush on a Covered AG pool

    You definitely do not want the cover pulled tight which could bend the support poles inward. I basically have my cover resting on the water and when the snow melts I'll just drain it from the cover.