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  1. riley00dog


    We are currently receiving significant amounts of rain and it’s set to continue for at least the next week. It’s the first real rain we have had since the pool was built. Is there anything I need to do chemistry wise out of the ordinary? The cover is on and much of the rain seems to flowing from...
  2. riley00dog

    High FC use in Winter - Australia

    Pool is consuming alot of FC per day here in Australia and it is winter. I just wondered how much FC I should be losing with solar blanket on? Moderator Note: This Thread was removed from another thread. It stands on its own. Marty
  3. riley00dog

    Pool Maths Question

    Now that I have my ph down to a semi reasonable level I want to start getting my other levels in check. Pool maths is confusing me a little. I have all my pool’s info entered. It’s telling me for FC I should aim for 1-3 and cya of 70-80. This seems like a low FC level for that cya. The TFP...
  4. riley00dog

    Slide Questions

    So, we are coming to the end of our build and I have some questions about the slide we hope to install (if it fits). The first question is regarding placement. We have a small pool and small deck. I am wondering how much exit space is generally required? We want to make sure we position the...
  5. riley00dog

    Hand Rails

    These just popped up on my Facebook feed (nothing like targeted marketing). I know there’s a lot of talk here about handrails and the need to include them prebuild due to bonding requirement. I’m sure if they’re available here in Australia, they will also be available in the US. Just thought...
  6. riley00dog

    Opinions Needed - Grout Colour

    I have posted this question in my thread, but am looking for as many opinions as I can get. I have been so definite about everything I’ve wanted for the pool... until now. For some reason I’m finding choosing the right grout colour for our waterline tiles very difficult. I think because the...
  7. riley00dog

    Shotcrete Application

    I'm wondering how hot is too hot to apply shotcrete? We are booked for Wednesday, but temps this week are quite high, with Wednesday expected to be by far the hottest. I trust my pool builder but would like to know at which point do I question the application. Thanks.
  8. riley00dog

    Small Pool Build - Brisbane, Australia [emoji1037]

    After lurking for a few months I thought I'd start a thread as our pool build is about to start. I'm feeling fairly comfortable with the build process and I'm ready for the inevitable hiccups along the way. It was quite a process selecting a pool builder, but we're fairly comfortable with the...
  9. riley00dog

    Test Kit - Australia

    Hi, our pool build will be starting early Feb and I have been looking into test kits, as we are keen to maintain our water ourselves. Would anyone be able to tell me if the linked test kit will be ok? It will be a small pool with a swg and apparently automatic acid dosing. It will be our first...