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  1. tavacska

    Downgrade from 2.5 HP pump

    After my last post, I have checked more details of my pump system. I found out the 2.5 HP is way higher than what I need. My system: 1. Pool size: 20k Gallon, 2 bottom drain, 2 skimmer, 1 cleaner 2. Spa: 5 nozzles 3. SWG: Hayward T15 4. Filter: Pentair DE 60 5. Heater: one heater 6. Automation...
  2. tavacska

    Replacing pump motor

    Moved from here. What and from where do you replace the motor? I am in the same boat. Mine is JHPU 2.5 HP but too big for my pool. So I am thinking replacing it with a two speed motor.
  3. tavacska

    New test results - Do I need to SLAM?

    This is a SWG pool with 19k gallons. T15 salt cells and 2.5 HP single speed pump. I got my first Taylor 2006 and here is my results: Salt - 3000 (3200 preferred) CYA - 40 TA - 110 PH - 7.4 FC - 2.5 ( pump runing 4 hour/day 100% SWG, Houston, TX) CC - 0.5 CH - 300 (plaster pool) Some numbers...
  4. tavacska

    What to upgrade from a single speed Jandy 2.5HP

    Just becoming a new owner of the swimming pool. The Jandy JHPU 2.5HP single speed pump is 15 years old. It was run with a SWG for 8 hours a day. The bill could run up to $70 a month. Is it worthy to upgrade to a two-speed or VS pump? Seems pentair is recommended. The pool size is 19k, what...
  5. tavacska

    DE sands in pool

    Hi, Everyone, New to swimming pool and new to the forum too. I have a Pentair 60 DE filter with grids like fans. I had it recently dissembled and garden hose deep cleaned. I got it reassembled and refilled with DE from Lowes. The DE is weighed to the requirement from the Pentair manual. After...