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    I think I have algae. I know I have tons of water boatman

    So I have a problem. We thought this was sand but highly doubtful. It poofs as soon as you touch it but it feels slightly gritty I have a ton of the water boatman now too My pool chemistry as of today is( I have fiberglass 15000 with swg) FC 8 Cc 0.5 CA 250 TA 60 Ph 7.5 Salt 3970 Last week...
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    Hurricane Harvey

    Ok folks, first storm with a pool. any suggestions on preparation for pool in case we loose power??? I have plenty of bleach muriatic acid and baking soda. Lol
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    Pool needs small amount of calcium

    What is the best way to replace calcium???? I do not want to go topool store and pay a ridiculous amount thanks
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    Help....salt water generator cell died....trying to kill algae and boatman bugs

    Ok so we had a storm recently ( multiple power outages in a few hour period)that i think killed our SWG cell. New one on order, i hope. Hubby is handling that i hope (its under warrantee wooohooo!!) Sad part is we didnt notice for almost two weeks that the SWG wasn't working. I was checking...
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    First test run with new kit....please advise

    Ok I have a 14000 fiberglass pool that is extremely slippery. I think I have white mold as I have finally seen some wispy white like stuff floating. Not much...just a few. So I finally got my test kit and ran it. Here are the numbers. Note I have been adding bleach about 1/3 of a gallon...
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    Slippery fiberglass pool

    Hey pool experts.... New fiberglass pool owner here. Ever since we put pool in( about two months ago), it has been extremely slick, causing people to slip especially on the stairs.. I have been faithfully treating my pool and taking water to be checked to verify my home kit is accurate. ( ok...