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    Pump not priming

    Been here long enough to search threads, ect. but cannot find anything new to try. I had to blow out my skimmer lines due to I plugged the one closest to the pump when vacuuming thru skimmer. 99% sure line was cleared. Now I cannot get my pump to prime. Have tried the following.... Re-lubed...
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    Solar cover

    I keep reading it's best to take off the cover every few days to let the pool breath and burn off CC's. Was wondering if one of these options would work. 1) cut the cover 6-12 inches from the sides of the pool and leave on all week 2) we only swim on the weekends, would 2 straight days of the...
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    Grandmas way of cleaning the pool
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    Leslies and pump repair

    Per my other thread, my new pump had a broken shaft seal, and I could not get pump to prime. Been super busy with work, so I called Leslies to see if they had the part and could fix it. They said yes, but weekends are super busy and might not get to it till mid-week. Store then explained to me...
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    Can not prime pump

    I am loss as to what to do next. Here is pretty much the order of what I have done/tried New pump was bought in the fall after closing, I installed it this spring and it worked fine except it has (I am assuming) a seal leak as water comes out from where the motor bolts into the wet end. At this...
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    Bonding situation

    First, I know the difference between bonding and grounding. I work for a small electrical contractor who retired from Com. Ed and we have a small job coming up. We have a electrical inspector (who we are known to have a few beers with every now and then) and wants all bonding ran to a separate...
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    ? on app

    Trying to set it up, only option is for vinyl,will not let me pick plaster Should maybe ad, trying to setup on my android phone
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    New Tristar vs pump leaking

    Fired up the new pump today, and there is a small/tiny leak at the bottom were the motor bolts into the pump/strainer housing. I am assuming I need to take it apart and check the ring/seal (part number 14). I have already snugged up all the connecting bolts Pump was bought late last fall, self...
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    Measuring DE

    I have seen posters asking about scoop sizes, coffee cans, ect when measuring DE. I thought when recharging my DE filter I would measure it in different weights. The bucket is from a big box store, scale is from my brother and used to measure refrigerant, scale was zeroed out after adding...
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    plumbing roughed in, Thoughts ? Finished !!

    Weather was good today, so started redoing my pad. New pump, and heater, nothing glued in yet, look ok ? I am reusing my filter. Last pic is how it was done before. (Ignore the ele. I ripped out everything I did last year, and have to redo all of it)
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    Raypak RP2100 Heater 406,000

    Just venting, but Why do they have 9 inch exhaust ? (I searched the forum's and found a thread on the same problem.) I knew when buying it was 9 inch, but my brother is a HAVC contractor, and figured no problem, he can get me set up. Wrong, 9 inch is pretty much obsolete, and if you find it...
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    Perma-Cast Water Bond Placement

    hopefully weather breaks in 2-3 weeks and I can replumb my pool pad. New heater, pump, valves, pvc, ect. Getting everything ready and just realized I do not know were the Perma Cast water bond should go. I have read on suction line, main drain line, return line. Reading perma cast it says near...
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    Slight shock on reno pricing

    Third year owning house with inherited pool, 2nd year of getting it up and running and using it. Decking is poured concrete that goes over bond beam and lips an inch or so into pool. Plaster needs to be redone, as we had a few bad spots repaired, but there are hollow spots, and a lot more areas...
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    New Raypak heater

    Should have bought in the fall, as prices seem to have gone up a little. Has anyone used primepoolmarket, they are about $100 less then anyone I can find online. TC Pool seems to be the next best Will be getting a 406 or 366 btu heater Or a better suggestion on were to buy Thanks
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    redoing plumbing

    Now that I have closed my pool, and taken out my pump, filter, and heater I want to plan for redoing my equipment pad plumbing. Replacing Hayward 2HP Super pump with Hayward SP3202VSP Tristar VS 1.85HP pump or ?? Replacing Jandy Lite2 Heater with Raypak 406,000 BTU or Hayward Universal 400,000...
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    1st time closing and how I did it

    First time closing my pool, and this is what I did. First I read and reread Catanzaro's thread and “closing an in ground pool”, along with watching you tube videos. I used my air compressor and small shop vac. I also used black rubber plugs for plugging every pipe. To blow air into the pipes...
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    trying to post new pic in thread

    never had a problem before, but keep getting this Ooops, your post contains some curse words. Please remove them in order to post. We strive to have the most family friendly forum on the internet and this includes keeping all language G-rated. Also, please don't try to use symbols in place...
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    Inground Skimmer plumbing/leak

    So my neighbor comes over yesterday and tells me one of my skimmers leaks, and has leaked since the original owner. He tells me its only one skimmer per the original owner. I have two skimmers, but in the equipment room, only one valve to shut off the skimmers. (I also have a main drain and a...
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    Calcium chloride blend

    My CH has been on the low side for the past 4/5 weeks. Went to home depot to by calcium chloride, but all they have in stock is the 4300 dual blend icemelter. It does not list the percent of chloride but does list two ingredients 1) Calcium Chloride 2) Calcium Chloride Hexahydrate It this...
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    going on vacation

    Was going to have frustratedpoolmom come and watch over my pool for the week but decided to go it a go by myself, as I know she is swamped with work. First I would like to think her and TFP for all of the help and info. It really has not been that hard to keep pool in check. On avg I add 1/4...
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    Test results

    I am starting a new topic which is a carry over from ... Starting a renovation on older inground, Chicago My old pool will be a slow process reno, and no were near what I think the thread is for. Anyway, I have already learned something important ....never test at night when your dead beat...
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    Starting a renovation on older inground, Chicago

    I have an in ground plaster pool that was not used by the previous owners, and not opened or cared for in at least 4/5 years. Found a pool company to help get us started. The pool was almost black, and full of who knows what. We have opted to do a drain and clean, as cleaning only was close to...
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    new from Chicago burbs

    new member, inherited 20x40 in ground plastered pool when we bought the house, think pool was built in the 60's/70's. Pool has set for 4-5 years, going to open this year. It looks like a big green swamp. Having contractors come out to check that everything is in working order and no leaks, then...