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    CSI calculation in pool math

    Wondering if the CSI calculation in the pool math app is correct? When I use the old pool pal app or the online pool calculator, I get a much better CSI with identical numbers
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    Clean opening after perfect closing

    Had the winter cover on from the last weekend in September until yesterday. Water temperature was 45f when I closed and 47f when I opened. To close brought chlorine up to shock level and added 40% polyquat algaecide. Made sure all the other numbers were balanced. There's still chlorine in...
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    Starite 53185 Replacement..

    Hello, looking to replace my old multiport valve. There are some cracks around the pressure gauge and it has a few other problems. I'm looking for one that will just drop right into place after I take out the one I have. I've got 1.5" plumbing, already have unions at all the ports.
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    Just opened pool. Leaking. Again. Just had the diver out at the end of last season and it had stopped. Losing more than 1/2 inch a day. Bigger than before... Oh well. Guess I've got to heat it up, clear it up and give him a call. Sent from my SM-G935W8 using Tapatalk
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    Leaking backwash hose.

    Good day. Just getting my pool ready and seem to have a leaking backwash hose, in both filter and bypass. From what I've read that would indicate a spider gasket problem? Can anyone help me get the right thing by telling me which number on the list I need? Or which part number or something to...
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    New from Canada

    Hey all, I've been reading the forum for awhile and decided to finally join. I bought a house with a pool 2 years ago (moved out of one with a hot tub) and the previous owners hadn't covered the pool for the long Canadian winter so when I tried to get it going the pool store was no help and...