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  1. riley00dog

    Welcome to the new TFP!

    Excellent! Thanks Kim.
  2. riley00dog

    New F/Glass build DownUnder - Adelaide - What have I let myself in for?... :)

    That is crazy hot! Glad you got to enjoy the pool though. The glass fencing looks amazing! Somehow it makes the pool look bigger. Sprigots look great and sound like they’ll last. I was so nervous when they were core drilling our holes. Didn’t get a choice with ours and I’m not sure exactly what...
  3. riley00dog

    Awkward backyard build

    I like the use of the space and that it’s parallel to the house. Agree that 3’ is too shallow.
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    Welcome to the new TFP!

    Hi Kim! Thanks for the information. Yes I’m sure I’ll get use to it. I currently use the Pool Math trouble free pool app on my phone so hoping I can keep using that or similar. My aging eyes are struggling to read the website... which is why I used Tapatalk. Might have to invest in an iPad Pro...
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    New F/Glass build DownUnder - Adelaide - What have I let myself in for?... :)

    Hey Costas! Just dropping by to say wow about your weather! Hottest day on record today is crazy! Hope you’ve been able to enjoy the pool. We had a 34* day today but generally it’s not getting over 30* most days. Of course I build a pool and we have the coldest winter and the coolest summer in a...
  6. riley00dog

    Welcome to the new TFP!

    Oh thank goodness for that! I thought the site had disappeared off the face of the earth 😳 Is TFP no longer offered on the Tapatalk forum? I loved using Tapatalk to access the forum. Also, what’s this about a new pool math app? Does it have a different name? I do love the new layout here. It...
  7. riley00dog

    Anyone still swimming?

    I know we don’t officially don’t count [emoji6] but we (read my children) were swimming all through our winter with the exception of about 3 weeks over August, when the ambient temp wasn’t very inviting.
  8. riley00dog

    Pebble-Tec gone bad!!!

    You can’t really judge from a night time video. Lights will show up every little imperfection. Can you take a day time photo of it? I notice you have a dark colour, and these are particularly prone to high levels of variation. For this reason we have a light coloured pebble yet still have areas...
  9. riley00dog

    EcoSmart Tankless Electric pool heaters

    I agree. We love our heat pump with full inverter technology.
  10. riley00dog

    Greetings From Melbourne Australia

    And to make testing so much easier you really do need a speed stir. Looks like they’re currently available on AU eBay from the USA. Often they’re not lately. Huge mark up from their true cost so if you have another way of getting one do that. They are invaluable for testing and I would probably...
  11. riley00dog

    Greetings From Melbourne Australia

    Total Pool Water Testing Kit, Salt Water Clear Choice Labs
  12. riley00dog

    Pool plumbing pressure test and pressure drop

    Yep. Do not mess around with this. Our pool supposedly passed its leak test. Obviously it didn’t or we wouldn’t be left with a brand new pool with leak that is completely inaccessible. It may be an inconvenience now, but I can tell you that it can quite easily turn into your worst nightmare.
  13. riley00dog

    Greetings From Melbourne Australia

    Hi Andrew from Brisbane [emoji112][emoji2532] Pretty sure you guys stole our summer! We haven’t pushed past 30 for several weeks now. Order the clear choice labs complete test kit (get the salt water one if you have a swcg which I assume you do). Might seem like a bit of an initial outlay but it...
  14. riley00dog

    Has anyone ever brushed their pool...

    The only way hubby brushes the pool is from within it [emoji849] Not sure how thoroughly it gets brushed though since the next time I look he’s usually floating with his eyes shut.
  15. riley00dog

    New Construction: Cathedral City CA

    Sorry to hear you are still struggling with your Pb. We are too, but have only two very small outstanding jobs. They have stopped asking for final payment. It’s only a few hundred. We finally had our leak resolved but it involved having to permanently bung the solar line and replumb the heat...
  16. riley00dog

    New IG Gunite Geometric Build in South Atlanta

    By far the most used section of our pool. The kids rest on the bench when needed so benches in the deep end would be useful.
  17. riley00dog

    New IG Gunite Geometric Build in South Atlanta

    Our pool is 6’ at the deepest and it’s where the kids play and adults float. Kind of annoying our small pool. In fact our 4’ shallow end is the neglected area.
  18. riley00dog

    I think my skimmer elevation is incorrect

    I have about 2” of tile between the top of my skimmer box and the coping. I had to go and actually look lol. I would have assumed it was flush. I think what is throwing the eye at the moment with your pool is the lack of water, making the fact that the skimmer box is lower than the bottom of the...
  19. riley00dog

    Hi from the Gold Coast, Australia

    It’s beautiful [emoji7] Love your design!
  20. riley00dog

    Hi from the Gold Coast, Australia

    Hi and welcome from up the road in Brisbane [emoji112][emoji2532] I hope you’ve been enjoying your pool with this lovely weather we’ve been having. Btw we love photos here!
  21. riley00dog

    Dig Next Week...Pool Depth Opinions

    Our pool is 4’ to 6’ and only 20’ long. I would use 3.5’ as an absolute minimum shallow end. Ours is perfect but our youngest who is 7, can’t touch... yet. We do have a pool length bench though. If we didn’t I think I would prefer 3.5’ over the 4’. It’s a personal preference as everyone has a...
  22. riley00dog

    Anyone built or used a rope swing?

    Dual purpose! Could even hire it out [emoji6]
  23. riley00dog

    Pool Heater not heating pool enough - undersized?

    If you don’t have a cover any heater will struggle to maintain temp. We have an over sized heat pump. We heat the pool all year round and with the cover on it runs very little to maintain temp. With the cover off, even in summer, it will run significantly more often, especially at night. Without...
  24. riley00dog

    Hi from Canberra, Australia

    Btw your pool is bigger than the concrete pool we just put in [emoji15]
  25. riley00dog

    Hi from Canberra, Australia

    Hi Phil from Brisbane! You guys have been having some hot weather down there. Hopefully you’ll have your pool up soon but definitely good to take your time. Good job on the CCL test kit too.
  26. riley00dog

    Small Pool Build - Brisbane, Australia [emoji1037]

    It is pretty cute! He lives in the pool. Our older son isn’t quite as keen, but once he’s in he won’t get out. The frustrating thing is that the pvc glue is obvious in the photos at every single elbow. No one knows what has happened, but possibly that line was the last to be done and used as a...
  27. riley00dog

    Small Pool Build - Brisbane, Australia [emoji1037]

    It is a relief to have it sorted and to be able to enjoy the pool without the feeling that something isn’t right. All the best for 2019 and thank you for all your advice along our pool building journey [emoji4]
  28. riley00dog

    Small Pool Build - Brisbane, Australia [emoji1037]

    Merry Christmas TFPers. Yes, I’m still here! It’s been a bit of a saga since I last posted. The pavers did go down, although we are still waiting on the replacement pavers to be sealed and the 40cm of mastic to be done between the drain and path. About 6 weeks ago I had a sneaking suspicion...
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    New F/Glass build DownUnder - Adelaide - What have I let myself in for?... :)

    Looks great with the paving base down. A little glimpse of what’s to come! Loving your pool area. I think we also need the permanent fence in place before water can go in.
  30. riley00dog

    Spa Jets "Leaking" at sides (not just shooting out the nozzle)

    Screw in could be a different story depending on which part isn’t fitting right. I honestly have no experience with that. Because ours just push into the wall there is no fixture on/in the shell. The housing just pushes into place with minimal effort. It may still be the housing that...