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    Max-E-Therm FULL OF WATER

    I have a Stay-Rite Max-E-Therm 400HD. I have been replacing parts as it would run for a while and then quit. Today I removed the HSI to replace and noticed half the tip of the HSI was submerged in WATER!! So where do I go from here?? Do I disassemble the manifold and replace o-ring seals or...
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    Need LIGHTS recommendation during replaster

    I am having my pool replastered and 2 new lighting niches placed for pool and spa. What lights do you guys recommend since I can install anything at this point? LED would be nice, but need a brand/model with a long term low cost of ownership. This means I forget about it for the next 10...
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    Max-E-Therm vs MasterTemp : Which to buy?

    It's time for a new pool heater. Replacing my NG LAARS with a new NG fits my application the best. I do plan to purchase the model with the cupro-nickel heat exchanger. My understanding is the Pentair Mastertemp and Stay-Rite Max-E-Therm are the same heater except for the outer case. Any...
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    Calcium Scale prevention by CATALYST - does it work?

    Hi guys, Wanted to see if anyone out there could weigh-in on this one. Trying to decide if it is legitimate or B.S. The idea is that a catalytic surface is placed inline with a water supply (house or pool), the catalyst causes Ca++ ions to precipitate and wash through the system without...
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    Photos wanted: Iron stain vs calcium scaling

    I have read lots of great posts on Iron stains, metal stains, and calcium scaling. Does anyone have any photos or can reference anything in the forum with good photos of either calcium scale or better yet iron staining? Thanks, Lee
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    Need PART: LAARS heater controller/ignitor board

    [attachment=0:1z4t1ifw]FENWAL.jpg[/attachment:1z4t1ifw]Please see attached photo. I have a LAARS which stopped igniting. I did troubleshooting and determined the ignitor comes on but the gas valve didn't. Applying 24vAC to gas valve did make it light up. Testing the control board indicates...
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    To acid wash or not to acid wash?

    I don't how old my pool is but for the most part the plaster looks ok. It does have a few areas of pitting and these few areas are always the ones to get the algae. I now keep higher levels of chlorine, to avoid algae issues which works most of the time. I was wondering if I acid washed the...
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    Bees wax to seal grout and waterline tile?

    So a year ago I had my waterline tile and grout sandblasted to remove calcium buildup from previous owners poor pool chemistry management. At the end of the job he applied bees wax which had softened sitting in the sun to the tile and grout as a sealer. Worked great for a while but now the...
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    Polaris 280 - Idler wheel not engaging

    So I was inspecting my Polaris 280 and realized only the front 2 big wheels actively turn. The small middle (idler) wheel and the large rear wheel don't actively turn. The idler wheel doesn't make tight enough contact with the large front wheel to make the 2 passive wheels turn. The idler wheel...
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    SWG Users: What % is your unit set on this summer?

    I thought it would be curious to see what setting levels everyone is running their SWG at this summer. Please provide your data like this: Goldline T-15 cell - 24k gallons - 12 hr pump runtime - 87 F water temp - 50 CYA - 4.0 FC - 10% SWG setting. I thought this would be fun and interesting...
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    Need advice on Sealing concrete deck and copping

    So here is a photo. I guess I am thinking of doing some sealing if appropriate for 2 reasons: 1) Protect against salt water as I now have a salt pool. 2) Protect against dirt and stains to make things look newer and easier to clean. Any suggestions on whether this is even needed and if so...
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    Goldline Prologic PS-8 vs PS-8-V ??

    OK, I love using bleach, but I am tired of putting it in every day.... it is just not going to happen they way it needs to. The Liquidator sounds intriguing but my life is too short for modifications. So I have decided to install a Goldline Prologic PS-8 with SWG. Getting ready to order it...
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    Heater Pipe COLLAPSED!

    Attached is a photo of the collapsed outflow pipe from my heater. Not sure why this happened. The thermostat seems to be working fine and the pipe is only slightly warm on the outside to the touch. Needless to say this has diminished my GPM. Dropped it from about 85 to 70. Anyone with heater...