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    Installer is RECOMMENDING Aqua Genie and Frog Salt System

    Guys, I need your expert advice, I have recieved a quote for a Leisure Pool (15x30 Fiberglass - Marc Sheridan swears by this brand) Anyways, he wasn't pushing them, he just recommended them instead of using an AutoPilot Salt system and 2 Anti Entrapment Main Drains. Now I'm guessing, he...
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    Why exactly is Gunite/Concrete more expensive than Vinyl?

    What is it that makes a Gunite/Shotcrete pool so much more expensive than a vinyl lined pool? Arent they both equally labor intensive?....Can someone who has experience with both builds chime in as to why its almost a $10,000+ difference in the quotes?.... if not more
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    I'm a about to bite the bullet on THIS Package...Can u help?

    Fellas, Im about to bite the bullet on this special, but before I do, can some of my more skilled poolhead colleges take a quick glance at it and advise if there is anything I should be aware of before I take the plunge (no pun) :P The company is Carlton Pools and they seem to be pretty...
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    Paving around NEW POOL- PoolBuilder or seperate Paver?

    Im in the process of hiring a pool builder to do a vinyl in ground pool and was wonder what is considered the more efficient practice when it comes to also installing a walkway around the pool and a seperate patio section. Is it best practice to have the Pool Builder do the pool and paving or...
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    Sand vs Gravel Backfill...and even Dirt! Which is superior?

    Im curious on everyone's thoughts about using one or the other for a backfill of either a fiberglass or vinyl lined pool. It seems that many installers use Sand to compact and backfill, while others swear by gravel or even 3/4, 3/8 QP stone and condemn sand. And even many other pool builders...
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    How much MORE does a Spa add to your New Pool Quote?

    CUrious, Im in the process of looking at some medium sized fiberglass pool installers and was wondering, approximately how much more does adding one of those pool plus spa combos add to your quote? I know some pool manufacturers also simply offer them as seperate pieces that you can intergrate...
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    Real World usages-Heat Pump vs Gas??

    I have read all the informative advertising and some posts that all boast of how efficient Heat Pumps are. But in most of the examples, the advertisers are using extreme conditions in hot climate locations year round. My question to all of you here is a simple one, I want to hear from those of...
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    Options for slippery steps?

    What options are available for slippery steps?....A friend of mine has his vinyl liner installed over his steel steps to create a more uniform look, but the flip side is that his steps are very slippery. I am considering either a vinyl or fiberglass pool next year, and was wondering what...
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    Fiberglass Pool manufacturers...Difference in quality?

    Hi all, long time lurker and fan of the forum ...I've been interested in a fiberglass pool and have read up on alot of the manufacturers but the problem I have is that they all seem to brag about being the best. I'm having a heck of a time trying to find comparison reviews. Can anyone point...