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    Water thru filter or recirculate over winter

    Hi - Above ground vinyl in eastern NC. Have leaf mesh on water and run pump several hours a day. Should I be filtering or just recirculating? Thanks.
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    Cloudy water, help needed

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    1st timer, but what do I do now.... disgruntled frog owner hosed by local pool store!

    Have you backwashed your filter at all during your SLAM? It may be having trouble with the last of the fine dirt because filter needs attention.
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    Algea? Or what?

    Thanks for suggestions.
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    Algea? Or what?

    I am curious though. Been a TFP'r since last year and had no trouble all season. Have kept all chemicals up to correct numbers and don't understand why now dealing with stuff. Is it because of solar cover with leaf net? Water temps have been dropping (slowly - we keep having temp spikes - 80's...
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    Algea? Or what?

    Started SLAM last nite after vacuuming and brushing. The brushing threw up clouds of stuff giving water slight cloudiness. Ran pump all night. This AM clearer but spots where algea hard to scrub up were back again in same trail spots a yellowish color. Will continue SLAM. Will try to scrub harder.
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    Algea? Or what?

    Have pic on phone but don't know how to get it here :scratch::scratch::scratch:
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    Algea? Or what?

    It almost looks like runny bird poop and some of it needs a brush to completely remove from surface
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    Algea? Or what?

    Trying not to "close" pool this year. Been using solar cover and leaf net, monitoring numbers at least every other day, adding bleach as needed. Running pump everyday on low 8 hrs. Sometimes split between hi and low. Most recent numbers FC - 7 CC - 0. pH - 7.3 TA - 50 CYA - 40 water temp 66...
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    Is vacuuming required?

    OR I have been using this Water Tech LVAC100 Swimming Pool Blaster Battery Powered Hoseless Leaf Vacuum for the past 3 years and LOVE IT! Around $100 WalMart, Amazon - all you need are 8 AA batteries (I replace mine 1x month) Have 19000 gal AG and don't have to deal with hose, skimmer blocking...
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    Starting a SLAM tonight...Question?

    Curious - lurking post notice FC at .5. Should FC be addressed first?
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    Pool closing

    Give the new addition of bleach 30 min to circulate and then test. Add however much bleach you need to get FC back to 12. Let circulate for 2 hours or so and test again. Then add bleach to up FC again to 12. The more often you test and add bleach to keep FC at or near 12, the sooner this SLAM...
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    Newbie pool owner needs advice: Full test this AM - here are the results

    What test kit are you using for these results? What does your water look like? Your pH number? Need more info to help further.
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    Adding Borax

    First time this summer, needing to bump up pH. Instead of trying to dissolve borax in bucket of pool water (unless warm pool water now will dissolve it better) to add in front of return, would the cya sock method work better?
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    New member! Save me from Leslie!

    If your CC test was 0 may be the case. Since CC is 1, there is something there that needs to go NOW.
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    New member! Save me from Leslie!

    INCREASE your FC to 31 ASAP. Your CYA is 80. You are going to have to use LOTS of bleach to SLAM . Your FC needs to be 31 until you pass overnite test.
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    Where do you buy washing soda AKA soda ash?

    From Pool School this site: Raising PH PH can be raised in three ways: borax, soda ash, and aeration. Borax is usually the best choice. Borax raises the PH and also raises the TA level just a little. If your TA level is low soda ash will raise both the PH and TA levels.
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    Where do you buy washing soda AKA soda ash?

    Raising pH? Use Borax (white box says Borax), not washing soda Wallyworld, ace hardware, any grocery store
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    New pool build. Questions about proper testing with the TF-100 & what products I need

    Re: New pool build. Questions about proper testing with the TF-100 & what products I Add Bleach, Borax and baking soda as well as stabilizer (sometimes referred to as conditioner) to the above list. And if you have questions, do not hesitate to ask. We are here for you :lovetfp:
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    A heads-up for TFP newbies about bleach

    Grocery store, Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart - Ace, etc. As long as it is marked 8.25% or 10% or 12.5%in pool supply areas of any of these stores.
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    Oh the days when I loath pool ownership

    You are supposed to walk on it - not lift it!:jocolor:
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    Dollar Store bleach

    You would have to use three of the dollar store bleach to equal one (8.25%, 121 oz) usually found in grocery and big box stores. Less product, less chlorine and more money.
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    New Pool Owner Need Help

    Using pool math, assuming you have stabilizer (cya) present, you would need 24 oz of 8.25% bleach to bring you from 0 FC to 4, and if you don't have stabilizer, you will need much more chlorine to start killing the algea, probably causing cloudy water. You need to read POOL SCHOOL and some of...
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    First time pool owner - first next steps

    DO NOT USE ANY POOL STORE CHEMICALS. We need additional info such as pool size, what kind of pump, filter, other add-ons. We call this adding a "signature" to your post. Until you have a good test kit, it's hard to guess what may be going on. SLAM is based on adding chlorine bleach according to...
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    New Pool Owner Need Help

    You probably don't have CYA (stabilizer) which would prevent your chlorine from leaving the building. Have you been using tabs in floater or are you using liquid bleach.
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    SLAM--keep going?

    Looks like somehow you miscalculated chlorine. Number I get is 480 oz of 8.25%. YES you need to continue SLAM. You must keep chlorine at 12 PPM. Need to add chlorine as necessary (to start, if possible, check numbers and add as need every two hours. If this is not workable, at least 4 x a day...
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    Good Morning New pool owner here!!

    Find an old sock and fill with 3/4 of amount pool math says to add. Hang in pool in front of return so water coming to pool will force its way into sock to dissolve powder and begin to mix with water. Occasionally squeeze sock to help process along. I don't think its a good idea to swim in...
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    Need help with pool badly

    Hi - What kind of test kit do you have?