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  1. AimeeH

    Cloudy water

    Welcome to TFP. Glad you found us if your are ready to take over control of keeping a sparkling pool. You most likely have cloudy water because you have algae. With CYA of 70, your free chlorine is too low and has allowed the start of algae. I highly recommend reading up in pool school on...
  2. AimeeH

    I hate my pool.

    I'd like to chime in as say with a little bit of learning in pool school, you can learn to love your pool. I am also a SWG user/owner and I can't think of much of any downside. We can go on vacation for 1-2 weeks and not have to worry about chlorinating since the SWG runs when the pump runs...
  3. AimeeH

    Snakes and Skimmers

    And we use an old decommissioned metal tent stake. Also, I know someone here who lifted the skimmer lid and didn't the the snake curled up inside the lid and not in skimmer basket. Always look.
  4. AimeeH

    Chlorine Level

    +1^^^^^ You say you are going through tablets, but that isn't nearly as relevant as what your chemical test results are. Like this: FC CC PH TA Cya CH -doesn't matter so much in a vinyl pool really Those numbers are the key to keeping your pool sparking and healthy. Have you taken the...
  5. AimeeH

    High PH Question / New MemberÂ’ / First Forum Post

    Welcome to TFP :) You may be well served to try to lower your TA. Pool School - Lower Total Alkalinity Aeration will raise your PH. I see in your signature there is a waterfall, that type of aeration will definitely cause PH rise. You can try lowering TA and you might find that sweet spot TA...
  6. AimeeH

    New pool owner,cloudy water, pool store blues

    Welcome to TFP :) A good test kit, a little learning and all the people here to answer questions will have your pool sparkling. To calculate the bleach (liquid chlorine) additions use pool math. PoolMath Set all the "now" and target parameters and it will advise you on the necessary chlorine...
  7. AimeeH

    Still green......

    Welcome :) Congrats on your new great testing kit. Sounds like you grasp what your course of action needs to be. You definitely still have something festering. Draining to get that CYA down is a good first step.
  8. AimeeH

    Normal for Chlorine test to turn back to pink?

    Yes. And if testing for CC's you don't want to let that sample sit before adding the r-0003. It should all be done in succession.
  9. AimeeH

    CYA Level???

    Welcome to TFP :) Try doing the test diluted as described here Pool School - CYA
  10. AimeeH

    Drain & refilled parents swamp

    It does sound like you have algae. Are you saying your FC is now 20? The point of SLAM Shock Level And Maintain Is to keep your FC at shock level for your CYA Pool School - Chlorine / CYA Chart until you pass the three tests. 1. Clear water 2. CC of .5 or less 3. Overnight free chlorine loss...
  11. AimeeH

    Drain & refilled parents swamp

    Staci, Can you share with us a full set of test results? If you have algae, at some point, your chlorine has been too low. So let's see those numbers ;)
  12. AimeeH

    high cya not sure what to do

    Welcome to TFP :) Pretty much all you can do to lower CYA is replace water. Reverse osmosis is available at a high price tag in some areas. At 70, it isn't unmanageable but I suspect you're chlorinating with trichlor or dichlor which is adding CYA. You'd need to switch to liquid chlorine ASAP.
  13. AimeeH

    Overnight SLAM question

    Hi there :) The object of SLAM is to keep chlorine at shock level for your CYA until pool water is clear, CC is less than .5 and Overnight chlorine loss is 1 or less. If it has dropped below that, add liquid chlorine to bring it back often as possible. Shock Level And Maintain
  14. AimeeH

    I'm starting to have doubts - please motivate me

    :goodjob: Use that for you free chlorine target now. No more trichlor or CYA additions--liquid chlorine only :) Keep us posted. And you do know how to use pool math, right? PoolMath Be sure to ask questions if not clear. You'll get this:kim:
  15. AimeeH

    I'm starting to have doubts - please motivate me

    Max.......see post 29 about testing CyA........don't do so indoors or at night ;)
  16. AimeeH

    I'm starting to have doubts - please motivate me

    HI Max, Test your CYA outside in bright sunlight with your back to the sun. If it's pouring or too late when you get home, just wait. You probably did increase your CYA with that trichlor so for now, I'd be targeting FC for CYA of your last good reading which was 50 after bringing it up from 30...
  17. AimeeH

    I'm starting to have doubts - please motivate me

    :). Slow down some. Remember to post all test results--when you can. The PH test can be inaccurate at FC levels above 10 With TA up to 70, you might be able to get PH up by aerating--turning a return eye up to break the surface maybe? If you still have baking soda, you can raise TA a bit...
  18. AimeeH

    I'm starting to have doubts - please motivate me

    Don't get too hung up about that "heaping" spoonful. You could put too little in but probably can't put too much in using only one scoopfull. You'll get this. We are making progress :)
  19. AimeeH

    I'm starting to have doubts - please motivate me

    Good day max3dlee :) Thanks for adding some info. What we really like to see when asking for chemical test numbers is just this line up. FC CC Ph TA CYA CH CH is more important if you have a plaster pool so you may not be needing to track that. But from what you added, I'm concerned too that...
  20. AimeeH

    I'm starting to have doubts - please motivate me

    Hi max3dlee:) It didn't get deep green overnight, it won't clear overnight. Following SLAM will clear a green mess (I promise). Can you help us help you by keeping your posts in the same thread so we can follow along. And how about post your most current test results? That would help us see if...
  21. AimeeH

    New Liner, Almost Full of Water. What Do I Do First

    Can you test the water and post the results? That is a good start to know what needs to be adjusted.
  22. AimeeH

    Help! High Alkalinity Low pH causing cloudy water

    Yes. That sounds right. You need to do the best you can with dosing to keep your FC at shock level for your CYA. 17 bottles isn't that much for a pool that was not clear.
  23. AimeeH

    Fine Dirt in Pool

    I would doubt mustard algae as that is more rare than people think. The solution is the same though. Getting a good test kit and following the SLAM process.
  24. AimeeH

    Fine Dirt in Pool

    Well......with a good test kit to accurately test your chlorine to within .5 ppm of chlorine, you could conduct an overnight free chlorine loss test (OCLT) to confirm. Your chlorine is consumed by two things in the pool--sunlight and organics. You can test your FC after sundown but before...
  25. AimeeH

    Fine Dirt in Pool

    HI and welcome to TFP :) That really looks like algae to me. As triptyx pointed you to good links for reading, I'd start there. We generally don't trust pool store tests and advocate you get a good accurate test kit and take over your pool from the pool store. Pool School - Test Kits Compared
  26. AimeeH

    Trichlor/ Liquid chlorine: possibly hybrid approach?

    understanding what your pool needs and feeding it what it needs is what TFP is about. Liquid chlorine has no side effects like trichlor, dichlor and cal hypo. If you cant be there to dose daily, you do need a way to keep the pool chlorinated. With that said, you also know the side effects of...
  27. AimeeH

    Pool water stings open skin

    Having been through this, my instinct when I read the "stinging" headline was straight to electrical problem not having anything to do with chemistry. Question for the OP is this stinging felt when completely in the water or while touching water and ground--like being on the pool deck and...
  28. AimeeH

    Ideal chlorine level:Where did the CYA / FC table come from? Looking for verification

    This post explains and has links to other scientific data. Chlorine/CYA Chart
  29. AimeeH

    New Pool - First Test

    Right now, I would leave TA alone. As an FYI, chasing any particular TA target isn't necessary if your PH stays in line. The measure of TA is the waters ability to buffer PH changes. If you end up with a problem with PH swings, then you might want to target a change in TA and if that happens...
  30. AimeeH

    New Pool - First Test

    For the reagent drop tests what you are looking for is when one more drop no longer changes the color. Subtract the last drop that no longer made a color shift in your count. Example ---sample looks pink on drop 9. Drop 10 turns it redder and drop 11 shows no color change. Count 10 drops.