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    An unusual pool build

    Dave, You tackled a huge job and did it very well. Congratulations! Nice job. Wow, I am impressed. Brave dude, but now you can be a PB if you want to and probably do a better job than most! :goodjob:
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    any experience with roll on plaster?

    I appreciate the feedback. I actually heard about it through a local PB. He is going to come see the job and then tell me about it if he thinks it would work. He said it was manufactured by a company in Georgia. I will post info if it looks like a possiblility. Thanks,
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    any experience with roll on plaster?

    I heard there was a product that is do-it-yourself plaster. A product applied with a 1" roller that dries pretty fast. I don't know how thick you go, how many coats, how much it cost, how big a job you can do with it, etc. Has anyone heard of the product and / or used it? I want to seal...