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    Water Level for above ground pool when closing for winter

    I have always (7 years) drained my pool below the return and left all plumbing open. If I use an Aquadoor cover, that saves me the 4" or so of water to refill in the spring. Are there other advantages? Anything I need to watch out for? Also, It looks like the Aquadoor cover is 2 pieces. It...
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    Mesh or regular winter cover for Intex Ultra Frame?

    I have had a solid winter cover (Midwest Canvass) since getting my pool in 2012. I maybe should have retired it last year (lots of tiny pinprick holes), but I'm going to plan on using it this year as well. I remove plumbing to my skimmer and eyelet, and lower the water level to however low it...
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    Which chemicals do I need and best place to buy them?

    I buy my bleach for the season from Menards during their around Memorial Day sale (BOGO). It is label liquid shock and is 12.5% IIRC. I have also bought from a nearby pool store and is anywhere from 8-12%. In a bind I will also buy from Aldi or WalMart. The higher concentration stuff just makes...
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    Which chemicals do I need and best place to buy them?

    I'm more of a lurker here, but I do know what I use. If you are 24000 gallons, that's about double mine (13500). I typically use 4 cups of 12% bleach a day during the heat of summer. If you have a test kit, I would suggest you buy at least a case of 12% bleach (double if 6%) for now and see...
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    Outside of ABG Pool...what did you put down around it?

    I'm jumping into this thread late, but I have river rock around the perimeter of my pool about 18-24" wide. I didn't want grass anywhere near it and be nicking up the paint finish of the sidewalls with the weed eater. @Rose38478, seeing your recent pictures concerns me based on my recent...
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    which pump and how much run time

    Let me start by saying that I'm mostly a lurker and by no means an expert. For run time, check out Determine Pump Run Time - Trouble Free Pool. A few years ago, I switched from a single-speed 1HP to a 2-speed 1HP max. I run on low speed most of the time (except for manual vacuuming), and have...
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    I finally got back to this project. I treated it as no rush since it wasn't growing through the swim season. I went the entire way around the pool and pulled the landscaping rock back to expose the bottom track. The rust was present in all places (except stainless panel) where installer or I had...
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    Center Drain Valve - Hose Hook-Up?!

    Apparently some above ground pools in freezing climates have floor drains? For some reason I thought that wound't work well. How do you purge it from freezing in winter? I would have liked a floor drain, but didn't know to investigate one when my pool was being installed. This is my 1st pool...
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    Winter cover

    I paid $110 for a 24' round winter cover from Midwest Canvas (AmierMerc) in 9/2012. When I was cleaning it this spring, I finally noticed that it had some small holes in it that may have been passing decaying leaves into the pool. It has a 20 year prorated (4 year full) warranty. I will use it...
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    About to engage in the pool life

    I don't know anything about solar panels, but I do know that a solar cover will help retain heat in the pool even without direct sun on it. One of it's main purposes is to reduce evaporation when the water temperature is warmer than the outside air. Without a solar cover, your pool will tend to...
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    Show off your AGP Deck please!

    I'm leaning towards something like this (Added a temporary deck) for ours. Seeing all these AMAZING pictures is helping me with contentment.
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    FINALLY!! All the hard work and crying paid off!! *pics!*

    My daughter's bucket list for the summer is to float a kiddie pool in our pool and watch a Netflix movie while staying dry. She wants to do with 2-4 friends. We don't have a kiddie pool, but 2 of our neighbors do that she's been eyeing. I have no idea how well it'll work. I'll just keep the TV...
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    Solar pool covers

    Our covers always seem to last about 3 years before ripping excessively and dealing with tons of floating bubbles. This year, I bought a heavier duty 13mil one from Home Depot (of all places) that came with a complete 3 year warranty and prorated 7 year warranty. When I purchased, I thought my...
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    Dirt under stairs

    mjnorman, please keep us posted. My wife would like me to get some wedding cake stairs with a deck (I've been eyeing the temporary deck thread) for her knees and for ease of our parents. As it relates to a cleaner getting stuck behind stairs, I have a Pool Rover Jr. robot that kept finding...
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    How to Open Above Ground Pool

    I've had my pool about 7 years, and have also struggled in varying degrees. It's always easier with 2 people, but I usually find I'm doing it by myself. I think I may have been closest to what I want this year. - I connected all the plumbing and filled the pool up so the cover had extra...
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    Robot Recommendation

    I got a Pool Rover Jr last year and love it. It was (and is) my 1st robot. I suggest you also post your question over at the Pool Cleaners forum for more input. The thing I like most about the cleaner (would apply to most cleaners) is that it does the cleaning for me. This is especially useful...
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    Which solar cover strap kit do you recommend?

    It sounds like you still have the reel itself. Is that correct? Those plastic clips started breaking on me the 1st season (some have lasted much longer). The clips especially broke where the straps went through them. The straps disintegrated in the elements slower. I ended up replacing the...
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    Thanks for the link. I somehow missed that one on my search. It seems like their rust is much worse than mine (bigger area, bubbling metal), but from a known source. Anything I saw about repairing was pretty extensive in terms of replacing the entire panel, or patching from top to bottom of...
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    That's what I was thinking. This part of the pool is out of sight of the patio, so my wife won't mind the mismatch of pattern between the factory pebble style (with grass clippings splattered over it) and the rustoleum.
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    While opening my pool, I noticed two of my panels are showing rust near the bottom rail. The pictures are of two different posts. The position is where the grade of earth is farthest from the pool, so there should be absolutely no standing water. I have an 18" rock border between grass and the...
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    Winter Cover Air Problems?

    That's similar to how mine looks, but I no longer use a pool pillow. I usually run a single cord under the cover; the purpose to help me retrieve the cover if it sinks while trying to get it out. I havn'e needed it for that purpose in 6 years. I only lower my water to exactly to the bottom of...
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    Hard sided pool vs soft...

    How long is an AG pool liner expected to last? My pool was installed in 2012. Besides some staining (infrequent vacuuming) and bleached water line, it seems to be going strong. Am I on borrowed time?
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    Looking for new AGP

    Alternately for an installer, check out
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    Winter Cover Size

    I also have a 24' AGP. My winter cover is listed as for a 24' round pool. The documentation isn't totally clear, but it is either 27 or 28' diameter, and has been a perfect size. I live in Chicagoland area, so we also get a deep freeze of the pool. I'm seeing that I bought the cover from...
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    Northern IL - leave AGP up over winter? Pros and cons

    I don't have any input for you, but I'm also in Crystal Lake, IL. I usually just say NW of Chicago (my signature) so I don't have to explain where Crystal Lake is located.
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    2013 Pool Closing Pictures....Let's see them

    So as water and snow collects on the cover, how do you protect the skimmer basket from being damaged by expanding ice? Or am I being overly concerned?
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    2013 Pool Closing Pictures....Let's see them

    Looking at these pictures, it appears as though several of them have most of the water in them. Do you normally drain 12" below the drain, or just protect the drain basket from expansion?