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    New home - first pool opening

    Don't forget to disable your SWG for the OCLT. Nevermind. I stopped reading at the end of the 1st page.
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    When to open above ground pool in Illinois

    Jumping in to an older thread here. I'm also NW of Chicago. We're going to be out of town for a week over Memorial Day, so I'm planning on waiting until then to open. If I were to get a sample of water and test chlorine, could I add more bleach if required, or would lack of circulation whiten liner?
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    Closing Help

    Thanks for your replies. My cover is 4' larger than my pool diameter. I will try using the cover with the water level reduced (3" below bottom of skimmer ok?). If it turns out to be too small once it rests on the water, I will add more water then. Reducing the water will keep me from...
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    Closing Help

    Closing my pool for the first time. Live near Chicago, so pool will freeze. Wanted to run things by someone who has done it before. I recently reduced my pH down to about 7.4. Will this change much during the winter? It has been creeping upwards to about 8.0 over the last month. Pool...