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    Maybe try working with the power supply seller to see if you can return it for most or all of your $ back. Also, I need to apologize. I have a Aquabot (Pool Rover) Jr., and was referring to how it operates when talking with you. I now see you have a different model that may operate differently.
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    When it's running for the few minutes, does it appear to run normally? That is, does it move in both directions? If so, that rules out the flapper. The top fan ejects water in one of 2 directions which the flapper determines. The direction of the ejected water determines the direction the robot...
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    Timer is located in the power supply. While it is running, you may be able to hear a slight click when it switches direction. I trust the filter is clean. Additionally, if you hold it stationary, do you feel adequately strong flow in both outlet directions while it's running? It could be...
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    How Often Do You Run Your Robot?

    I have never rinsed mine off, and rarely store it out of sunlight. For the sake of the plastic, I definitely see the value of storing it out of direct sunlight. How will residue chlorine affect the robot over time? To answer the OP's question, I usually run 2-3 times a week. If I plan...
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    Looking for a slight robot upgrade

    I currently have an aquabot Pool Rover Jr. for my 24' above ground pool. One of the lock nuts holding a wheel in place came off. I replaced it with a lock nut from the hardware store, but it hasn't been the same. It only easily goes in one direction, and gets worse quickly (10 minutes) as the...
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    I'm so confused--pool size for cleaner

    Specifically for warranty issues, at least one of my credit cards doubles the warranty up to 3 years. I haven't had to deal with them for a long time, so I don't know what hassles or exceptions there are. May be worth investigating this route to increase the warranty to get even longer...
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    Decisions decisions

    I bought the Rover Jr. based on a friend's review that inherited it with his new house. I love it, and haven't had to manually vacuum in weeks between running the rover and stirring up the water myself (swimming). That being said, I wished I would have researched more (I didn't know this subsite...
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    Pool Rover Junior review-aka Lil Kim

    Clear water credit goes totally to TFP. I don't know water chemistry, but I do know how to test and follow instructions.
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    Pool Rover Junior review-aka Lil Kim

    Picture attached. Without the thing in place, the robot would somehow manage to get behind and around the ladder, ultimately tangling it up maybe 1 out of 5 times.
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    Pool Rover Junior review-aka Lil Kim

    I built a u-shaped structure from 4" PVC to keep it from going behind the stairs and getting tangled. The bottom of the U goes on the pool-side of the stairs. The sides of the U block access from under the stairs. I have had this for about 2 weeks now. Next steps: - drill holes into it to...
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    Best pool cleaner on a budget?

    I got a Blue Wave Pool Rover Jr for $238 ($278 before $40 savings) from VMInnovations through Google Express. I've had my pool for 6 years, and SERIOUSLY wished I had it from day one. At this price point, it won't go up the walls, and maybe not even a deep end (I don't know, I have a flat pool...