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    2019 Bleach Prices

    Nevermind. I was on page 1 and didn't see that several others had already posted about Menard's Midwest.
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    2016 bleach prices

    Is the Menard's price advertised in their current flyer? My Menard's still lists it as $3.99/bottle
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    Bleach Prices 2014

    I went to Menard's (Chicago-land area) 5/13, and the BOGO sale had ended the previous day or 2. I bought 15 gallons, checked out under full price ($4/gallon), and asked if it had ended at the service desk. They gaciously adjusted the price down for me. However, I either told them I had 17...
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    Bleach Cost by Active Ingredient

    I'm not proficient at this website yet, and haven't seen the calculator, but to calculate cost per oz of active ingredient, use Cost / oz / concentration. Cost is in $, oz is total for that cost (128 oz/gallon), and concentration is % concentration (use 0.06 for 6%, 0.125 for 12.5%, etc). Great...
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    FC Level to maintain

    Thanks for your replies. I am only loosing about 1 or 1.5ppm per day depending on usage. I will probably adjust my method to target 7 instead of 5, and add more at 4 or 4.5. Once all this rain stops, I will also have to recheck CYA. We have received over 10 inches of rain in the last week, so...
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    FC Level to maintain

    Following the recommendations through Simple Pool app (and elsewhere) for my CYA of about 42, I need a minimum FC of 3, target of 5, and max of 7. I test FC daily or every other day. It is my understanding that I never want to get below FC of 3.0, or run the risk of algae to start growing...
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    Random Questions

    We recently purchased a pool this summer. Being the uneducated buyer that I appear to be, I have some questions: How long can we expect things to last like pump, solar cover, other? We don't have a heater yet, but is there a best time to purchase based on typical sale cycles? Again with a gas...
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    Is solar heating worth it?

    For my solar cover, I bought a reel pretty quickly after using it. It was a pain for 1 person to get off, and I always got it pretty dirty in the process. With the reel, it dumps most of the collected leaves right into the water. That being said, it is a lot quicker to get them off the...