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    Fresh plaster + dirty water = problem?

    They just did my WetEdge plaster today. They are coming back to acid wash and fill tomorrow. Meanwhile, dirty groundwater has seeped up into the pool? Is this normal or a problem?
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    Gunite skimmer placement

    As my coping is being installed on my pool, I just noticed that the skimmer basket opening/lid has to be cut into the coping because of the way they placed it. The didn't even form a proper skimmer throat, it appears: Shouldn't the skimmer have been pushed back so that a square cover could...
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    Exposed rebar after gunite phase

    Currently in construction, gunite applied yesterday. However, some of the rebar was not positioned correctly. PB insists that it is not a problem and he will fix it. In my opinion, the money I'm paying, this should have never happened in the first place. It looks like the rebar guys maybe...
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    PB vs TFP recommendations

    Hi all. My pool is currently in the gunite phase of construction (as posted here). It is going to have a SWG. My PB gave me a paper which has their recommended chemical balance, and I've read the TFP recommended balance for SWG pools, but they are pretty different. PB TFP FC 1.0-3.0...
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    New construction in Central Florida

    Hi all. We're having a new pool constructed here in Daytona Beach, Florida! Just thought I'd join the ranks of sharing our build! I'll start with posting our yard before anything started: And here is our design: Materials:
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    New pool buyer in Central Florida

    Hi all. New member here. Looking to get a fiberglass pool and spa installed in the Daytona Beach, Florida area. I suppose I am looking for any advice, recommendations and of course, quote reviews. With that said, I am attaching our first quote.