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  1. AimeeH

    Hello from Tucson AZ

    Welcome to TFP :) Great resources here
  2. AimeeH

    Rookie pool owner

    Welcome to TFP :)
  3. AimeeH

    New member with rookie questions!

    I concur with Jason. In this current weather we seem to be losing a lot to evaporation. Mid to high 90's daily. 1/2 inch in 2.5 days doesn't seem out of line for my pool.
  4. AimeeH

    Inherited Pool

    Welcome to the forum :) I'm going to chime in and advocate for a good testing kit as well. You say the pool company tests for free and most anyone here who tests their own water will tell you the store testing is worth what you pay them for it. Welcome :)
  5. AimeeH

    OHIO says HI

    Welcome to TFP. Read up in pool school and ask all the questions you need. I'm not there now but I'm a Dublin grad from one of those C-Bus suburbs. Welcome.
  6. AimeeH

    Test Kit Question

    Agreed something seems off. I was just looking over the website to replicate what you might be seeing. There is a link in my signature to tftestkits. It will take you to the right place.
  7. AimeeH

    Test Kit Question

    Hhhmmm. That doesn't sound right on the quantity. The TF -100 should get the average pool owner through at least a season of care testing regularly.
  8. AimeeH

    Hello from Vish

    Welcome to TFP :)
  9. AimeeH

    Hello from Ted

    Welcome to TFP from a former buckeye :) We like helping people take over their pools from the pool store. Here are some great starting links Pool School - Test Kits Compared Pool School - ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry Chlorine/CYA Chart
  10. AimeeH

    Green Pool Owner In Houston

    Welcome to TFP :) we are glad you found us If you haven't discovered pool school yet (linked at the top of the page) below are some links that might help you out. On those tabs......yes, they will cause problems driving up your CYA requiring proportionally higher and higher FC levels to keep...
  11. AimeeH

    green pool due to high nitrates

    Welcome to TFP :) Please feel free to do some reading in pool school and you will quickly realize the rediculousness of that statement from the pool store. Get a good test kit and learn to not blindly take advice :) we are glad to help. The SLAM process is what you need to clear up most green...
  12. AimeeH

    Ready to give up!

    Hi and welcome to TFP :) I get that you are at wits end. So many people find this forum in the same position but if you really want to take control over your pool from the pool store, we can help you. But, you have to be willing to learn a bit. The process to get rid of algae is spelled out...
  13. AimeeH

    Howdy from San Diego

    Welcome to TFP :) We LOVE build photos ;)
  14. AimeeH

    Hello from NorCal

    Welcome to TFP :)
  15. AimeeH

    Bought a house with a pool!

    Welcome to TFP :) Post any and all questions as they arise and there will be no shortage of help here :kim:
  16. AimeeH


    Probably first and foremost-bleach. Unscented. Not splash less Then your test results will tell us/you what you need.
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    Welcome to TFP :)
  18. AimeeH

    Can't get my pool clear! Help!!

    Welcome As has been advised, you really should consider getting a good test kit if you want to take control of the pool. What we teach is based on science and works. What doesn't work well is mixing pool store advice and ours. They don't generally have your pocketbook in mind when the tell you...
  19. AimeeH

    New Guy

    Nice. Glad you found us :)
  20. AimeeH

    New Guy

    Welcome to TFP :) We will be here to help. Can you tell us about your pool by adding it to your signature? Pool School - Read This BEFORE You Post
  21. AimeeH

    Hey...I'm new here. And losing my mind over my green pool haha!

    Welcome to TFP :) As Kim said take a look at the article about test kits compared. Most retail test kits don't have everything you'll need for proper maintenance. Make sure you have a CYA test (not test strips) and a FAS-DPD chlorine test.
  22. AimeeH

    This is supposed to be easy, right?

    Welcome to TFP :) Order yourself a good test kit ASAP and you'll never look back. Here is some good reading. You will find no shortage of help here in this forum. Pool School - Test Kits Compared Pool School - ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry
  23. AimeeH

    Hi, newbie frustrated with algae and high CYA

    I'm not one who can help with the draining with a cartridge filter question. I'm not familiar with them as all.
  24. AimeeH

    Hi, newbie frustrated with algae and high CYA

    You can do a diluted test with tap water for your home CYA test but really........clearly you need to drain a good bit of water. If you were using calcium hypochlorite to chlorinate, that wouldn't have contributed to this troublesome high CYA. But it would have added a lot of calcium. Your CYA...
  25. AimeeH

    Hi, newbie frustrated with algae and high CYA

    suk111, I do hope you take the time to read the links I posted. Information that is based on science, not opinions. I'm concerned when you say "shocking out"........if you are adding a powdered chlorine, it most likely contains even more CYA. Any chlorine in dry form is stabilized by...
  26. AimeeH

    Hi, newbie frustrated with algae and high CYA

    Hi there There really isn't such a thing as "chlorine lock". The amount of chlorine you need in your pool to keep it sanitary is dependent upon the amount of CYA in the pool. You can have CYA that high and maintain a super high chlorine number and be isn't locked it is impractical...
  27. AimeeH

    Hi, newbie frustrated with algae and high CYA

    Hi welcome to TFP :) If you want to stick around and learn to test and balance you're own water, pool care will be a breeze and not drain your wallet. First thing is get a good test kit: Pool School - Test Kits Compared While you are waiting for a good test kit, start reading in pool...
  28. AimeeH

    Excellent resource!. Thank you

    ^^^^^ yes. DIY. Stick around here for a while and educate yourself. Get that test kit and you shouldn't ever need a service if you are the tiniest bit handy. :) welcome.
  29. AimeeH

    Hi All from LapPoolMike

    Awesome looking pool and location. Thanks for the pics :)