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  1. AimeeH

    How cold of water will you swim in?

    82 for me. But the kids will get in sooner in the spring than me.
  2. AimeeH

    Spreading the Good Word...About TFP

    I know it's been posted and mentioned elsewhere today but this thread is a great reminder to consider donating to TFP. This site is run entirely by volunteers and on only donations, no advertisers.
  3. AimeeH

    Spreading the Good Word...About TFP

    I actually did get someone on this side. A friend at work bought a house with an AG pool that quickly turned green on him. I know what kind of person he is and immediately thought he'd appreciate knowing about this site. Within a couple of days he asked about borrowing my TF-100. Pretty sure he...
  4. AimeeH

    Duck Rescue

    Probably not nearly as good as duck a l'orange :)
  5. AimeeH

    What have you found in the skimmer basket?

    Have always had a hook (tent stake actually). But.....also know someone here that got surprised by a snake curled up on the underside of the lid when she lifted it. We hooks for that too :)
  6. AimeeH

    SC heat

    I don't discount that it could help but the redneckish image was very entertaining. Maybe I'll turn off my AC and do an experiment
  7. AimeeH

    SC heat

    We've been dancing near triple digits all week here and heat indexes in the 107-110 range. A coworker of mine told me that while driving home in a more rural area she passed a trailer home where the owner had placed a sprinkler attached to his garden hose (I'm assuming well water) on his...
  8. AimeeH

    Oh my. Lake Okeechobee algae bloom

    That would have to be like a TF-1,000,000 or something Then there would probably be a nationwide shortage of reagents.
  9. AimeeH

    Oh my. Lake Okeechobee algae bloom Eeeks
  10. AimeeH

    Inyo pools

    I'm posting this in the coffee bar for a reason. We replaced our pump motor three weeks ago. We could not have done it without the help that their (inyo pools ) youtube videos from inyo pools provided. The fact that a week or two later I saw they were willing to offer discounts to TFP...
  11. AimeeH

    Why do you post?

    Because over my few years here I've gone from complete ignorance about pool chemistry to feeling like I can off answers to people who felt like I did 4 years ago. I understand the chemistry and somewhat infamously the results of improper deck bonding. I offer advice only when I'm fairly...
  12. AimeeH

    Hobbies ?

    Wow. I'm pretty boring with knitting, embroidering and canning food. And analytical type. So all the canned food is bar coded and inventoried and the embroidery floss is labeled with numbers and sorted by shades of color.
  13. AimeeH

    After the storm.....

    I'll chime in here. We are in eastover. Our pool got spared from overflowing as we set the pump to waste and left it off. But.......... We had.....until Sunday morning a 2acre pond. No more. 350 foot dam looks like someone blew up two sections with dynamite. It is such a sad sight right now but...
  14. AimeeH

    Fire hose connections

    This thread interests me as something I had NEVER given thought to. As a rural resident I'm actually miles from a hydrant so I may look into this as an option. Especially since the pump is currently leaking and we may soon be needing to service it. It also just so happens that our well and pool...
  15. AimeeH

    What was in your pool this morning?

    I had a HUGE one of those in my skimmer this week. It looks like there is a dead one today at the bottom of the 8ft deep end. Had a live one yesterday too that we fished out with the net. They are indeed unsightly. I guess better than the rodents we've had in the past.
  16. AimeeH

    OK Geniuses

    So I'm waiting to hear what the OP actually decided to do?......:eek:
  17. AimeeH

    OK Geniuses

    This thread made me laugh out loud. I'm the wife in this pool ownership scenario and my husband doesn't have much more that the slightest clue about water testing. He doesn't know how for sure how to hook up the vacuum hose to vacuum the pool. I'll give him credit for finally helping me with...
  18. AimeeH

    Let's See Your Test Kit!

    :(That test looks like it's organized all wrong :D
  19. AimeeH

    What did you do to your pool today?

    Pulled a fat dead rat out of pool. Decided to add a gallon of bleach after that. Hasty maybe?
  20. AimeeH

    Bullfrogs driving me crazy

    We have a pond as well and no shortage of frogs in the pool but ours always end up in the skimmers.
  21. AimeeH

    Child Safety

    I can't comment on the quality of lessons. My pool was installed 3years ago and at that time my children were 6 and 8. At the time, my six year old was not such a good swimmer. This year he has come in first at swim meets in his age group for at least two strokes (butterfly and free) time and...
  22. AimeeH

    2014 Weather

    I'm surprised at the low 80's of a pool in FL. I'm in SC and two weeks ago my water temp was 90. It didn't feel refreshing to me and I was wanting my cooler running. A few cloudy cooler days brought us back to the sweet spot of about 86.
  23. AimeeH

    Weirdest creature you ever found in your pool (dead or alive)!!

    Voles, moles, a rat, skinks, snakes (two in the same skimmer last weekend), mole crickets, mice and turtles. And once there was indeed a small frog in the basket at the pump. The window view distorted the view making it look much bigger than it was.
  24. AimeeH

    What to do with the towels??

    Ooh ooh ooh what better reason to play with PVC. It is after all tinker toys for grown ups. See this thread.
  25. AimeeH

    New critter scenario

    The frog in the dryer was interesting. It was plastered to the view window but today was a rat that survived the night balancing on the skimmer weir. Fun fun.
  26. AimeeH

    How did YOU find TFP?

    About 2 months after build discovered this site searching for remedy to low PH. That was August 2011. Bought test kit before opening in 2012. Never got pool stored.
  27. AimeeH

    Rat poo

    Upon rescuing a live rat this morning balencing itself on the weir door overnight and discovering it's droppings all over the steps. Would you elevate CL to a higher level for peace of mind??? Droppings are vacuumed and filter back washed and SWG running. FC-6 PH-7.5 TA-80 CYA-60
  28. AimeeH

    I drank the pool water

    Never done that. Ironically our dog never drinks out of the pool,although he runs around it frantically trying to "save" the kids. He MUST get hot and when we give him a bowl of fresh water he drinks it, but never out of the pool.....must smell odd to him? It is a SWG though. Tested salt today...
  29. AimeeH

    New critter scenario

    While I was at work today hubby grabbed pool towels that had been hanging on the deck rails since probably Saturday and threw them in the wash. I came home needing to wash clothes (having just been a spectator at the kids outdoor swim meet in 95+ degree temps) so I threw those towels in the...
  30. AimeeH

    Pump ? Not pool related

    It was the wiring. That was 2 weeks ago. Being retrenched today. Thanks