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    AGP Exterior Paint Blistering/Bubbling Behind Soil

    Hi all, I have a Saltwater LX 8000 AGP pool from The Pool Factory, seems to get good reviews even on these site forums. It's a nice pool, get lots of compliments from installers and pool people that come by. It's painted/coated steel wall/beams with stainless wall at skimmer and all resin...
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    Dry Acid (Sulfates)

    Where do I start? I do miss the days of being blissfully ignorant on pool maintenance. Since swallowing the "red pill" on this site and diving deep into water chemistry, I find myself caught up reading various viewpoints and threads for hours on end. Watching people come into the pool store...
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    Converting AquaTrol RJ to HP

    Has anyone ever converted an AquaTrol RJ (Return Jet) to an HP (Hose Pipe)? I read online that Hayward sells conversion kits which I can’t find, I also read you can add a flow sensor but the diagnostics on the board show it is programmed as an AL-7 (RJ) and there is no way to change it to an...