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  1. KarenNJ

    Clear solar cover or full sun?

    hmmm, I always felt it heated much faster sitting in full sun. I need to get three small pools and blue, clear and nothing and do an experiment! I guess I will leave the clear cover on for now.
  2. KarenNJ

    Clear solar cover or full sun?

    We just got a clear solar cover. We have always used the blue ones and I take them off during the day because the full sun heats the pool way faster than the blue cover. This year we got a clear one and now I am not sure if I should leave the cover on to heat up the water or open it up for full...
  3. KarenNJ

    Which filter! Need help ASAP!

    That is the filter I have and I love it. It is plenty for your pool. I never have to touch the filter during the season. The only problem I am having is I cannot find off-brand cartridges to fit it. The aquapro cartridge replacement is 160.00.
  4. KarenNJ

    Favorite AGP gadget / accessory?

    I think a vacuum is on my list for this year.
  5. KarenNJ

    Favorite AGP gadget / accessory?

    I would love to see your favorite add on to your above ground pool! Looking to get some new stuff for this season.
  6. KarenNJ

    Is my pool saveable? (Pics attached)

    Oval pools have those waves in the straight run. Mine is not as pronounced as that but we also have a newer buttress free pool so maybe that makes a difference? If you look in this pic you can see the left side is not straight by the shadows.
  7. KarenNJ

    What Kind Of Pool Liner

    The jhook liner was very easy.
  8. KarenNJ

    Looking at first above ground pool, a bit overwhelmed with options.

    Oh and on the vacuums, if you will not have a deck and are getting a higher wall it can be a pain to vacuum outside the pool. Our wall is 54" and I am 5' 8". I can manage the vacuum outside the pool but it is a pain. I usually get in and vacuum but when the water is cold that is no fun. I would...
  9. KarenNJ

    Looking at first above ground pool, a bit overwhelmed with options.

    The pool factory has 20% off pools right now. We ordered our saltwater 8000 through them and I could not be happier. They only have 15' not 16' though. I would do a search on the forum for the model you are looking at and see who has it here. I would highly recommend an oversized two-speed...
  10. KarenNJ

    Best place to purchase filter?

    Well I have been trying to get hold of Pleatco support because they don't seem to have a matching filter cartridge. I used their part number search and nothing came up. I checked their measurement search and they have a matching diameter 9 3/4 but mine is 24 1/4 high and they don't have anything...
  11. KarenNJ

    Best method for warming pool water with solar cover

    I get my water temps up more with the sun than I do with the blue solar cover. I usually pull it off during the day if the pool is in full sun and the air temps are warm then put it back on in the evening to retain what heat I got. I have heard people say the clear covers are better for warming...
  12. 19055856_10155407887967813_1839289640006890125_o.jpg


    Base ready
  13. 19055921_10155407887977813_8230777555067280698_o.jpg


    Base ready
  14. 19092693_10155407887972813_2731682197740020181_o.jpg


    Base ready
  15. 19143920_10155411216487813_3879527804782342502_o.jpg


    Pool going up
  16. 19388535_10155417736552813_4611711816746045381_o.jpg


    Water fill
  17. 19884277_993600750742673_5710761957404270835_n.jpg


    Getting ready for retaining wall and patio
  18. 19884448_993600694076012_4243412770588761441_n.jpg


  19. 19884203_10155511445852813_4325048793644047509_n.jpg


    New patio and wall
  20. 19884387_10155511445787813_8077100596830740685_n.jpg


    New patio and wall
  21. 19884110_10155511445712813_4912172775901213059_n.jpg


    Retaining wall
  22. 57366642_10157210360577813_1470784277472870400_n.jpg


    Deck going in next
  23. 57059827_10157210360617813_7495906598078906368_n.jpg


    Footing for deck
  24. 54770939_10157155646042813_6899078677066153984_n.jpg


    Deck going up
  25. Pool Build

    Pool Build

  26. KarenNJ

    Best place to purchase filter?

    Oh man, well I won't be so quick to throw out the next one, LOL
  27. KarenNJ

    Best place to purchase filter?

    There was an issue with it when I was cleaning it after we closed the pool last year. I can't remember exactly but I think it was like disintegrating a bit. That was 3 seasons with that cartridge. How long should they last?
  28. KarenNJ

    Best place to purchase filter?

    I need to replace my filter cartridge and this is the one I need - AquaPro 190 SQ. FT. Replacement Filter Cartridge Are there generic ones that are cheaper or is this something you should go with the pump manufacturers options? I didn't realize how expensive these things are.
  29. KarenNJ

    Volleyball for AGP?

    \ When I was in highschool we did a youth group activity where we used a real watermelon that was greased with crisco or something and we did steal the bacon with it. A couple of kids almost drowned but it was soooo fun!
  30. KarenNJ

    Deck build. Above below or even with pool coping/top rail

    I wanted the deck above but we were really worried about not having enough space for the cover or if we needed to remove the rail to do a liner replacement. I did not want to have to take the decking boards off in order to get to the rail. I spoke to two contractors to try to figure out how to...