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    Help! Generic Heat Pump Question

    Hi all - pool owner and tfp follower for a few years now... Since I’ve been a pool owner (3 years), I haven’t really touched my electric heat pump Other than to run it for a day once a year (see image for heat pump specs). I recently read the article on this site about heat pumps etc. I’m...
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    Help! Mystery with SWG breaker!

    Hi all. I have a Hayward T-9 SWG. Background: : At the start of LAST YEAR’s pool season, I believe the panel had gotten wet and the SWG breaker tripped quit a bit for a day or two (about 5-6 times). However, after a few days it worked fine and never tripped again For the remainder of the entire...
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    Hayward AQR Flow switch - slight leak.

    Hi everyone - quick question. new cell replaced last year - no issues. This year, noticed a very small leak from the flow switch...creating water on the concrete pad etc. I tried tightening but seems to just be going in circles. Any recommendations?
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    Solar cover

    Hi all - just trying to prep for the upcoming summer. my thought this year was to explore getting a solar pool cover. I generally enjoy the pool on the warmer side (85-87 degrees), and for my two summers here so far, I notice my pool is generally at 81-83 degrees unless a Major heat wave etc...
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    No refill/power for a few months?

    Hi, I Own a bullfrog A8 hot tub. Needed to change the water so drained and Cleaned the tub this weekend. Was planning on refilling it but realized we use it so little in the summer, that may just make more sense to refill and power back on in September. Perhaps a silly question, but any issue...
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    The Pool that wouldn’t clear...

    Hi all. I had another post regarding opening my pool, but that has long come and gone so I’ve created a new thread that hopefully will shed some light on my situation. I opened the pool on May 4 (green swamp). Followed SLAM protocol. Pool went 100% blue within 1.5 weeks, however was still...
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    Bullfrog Spa A8 cleaning

    Hi - have a 500 gallon bullfrog A8. Previous home owners bought it a few years ago and I’ve owned it for about a year. About a year ago, I replaced the two filters, drained and cleaned the tub. Since then, water clarity has been great. PH has historically run low which I had been fixing with...
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    New cell question

    I installed a new aqua rite t-9 cell. Initially board was reading 2000 salt (verified using my treat kit I should be at 3200). It gave me the check salt/inspect cell and wouldn’t run. I did the instant salinity test a few times over 5-10 minutes (I’d reset to OFF, then back to auto). Each...
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    Cost to run heater

    2nd year home owner w/pool. Heater info in attached images. Last year, opened late (memorial day weekend), and never really used the heater. Used it a couple days in late September ( worked fine). I was just curious on average cost to run these. I know it’s all dependent on your rate per kw...
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    Salt Question

    Once my SLAM is complete, I’ll be turning on my SWG. Somehow, I only have 300 salt (confirmed reading) in the pool from last year. About 1.5 months prior to closing, SWG died and I went LC rest of year. But, at peak summer, I had 3300 or so salt. Not sure how I have 300 - perhaps too many...
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    Opening Day! Please confirm plan!

    Hi all! Opening day was today. unfortunately, pool opened green (despite closing it in perfect conditions thanks to the forum!) But, that’s ok - I have the T-100 in hand, initial testing complete, and here are the results: FC: 0 CYA: 15-20 (couldn’t see dot when beaker total filled) PH: 8.2...
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    Planning as much as possible for pool opening

    Hey all - I reordered a complete refill of my T-100 so I have all the fresh chemistry. We have our pool opening schedule for early next week. Kit is ready to go. Unfortunately, we had to order a new salt cell and it will be at least 2-3 weeks before it arrives. So, looks like I’ll be using...
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    Dolphin outdoor container

    Can anyone recommend a functional outdoor waterproof container where I can store my dolphin when not in use. Last year, I moved it all the way back to my garage after each use and I’d love to be able to just put it in a container this year right be the pool to avoid the constant moving. Not...
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    Pool timer

    Hi all, Last year I had my pump running 24/7. Found out here that’s a waste. I was going to go ahead and purchase a timer...and have an electrician install it shortly after opening. Questions: 1) is there a specific timer that is recommended? 2) how long should it run for daily? Continuous...
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    Help! Spa Level Advice needed

    Hi All, Back in April, we moved into our new house. The previous owners had bought (2 years ago - 2016) a Bullfrog A8. It was sunken into the deck. I noticed (after the move :/), that the hottub wasn’t level. Did some measurements and it’s about 2-2.5” off on the right side. See attached...
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    Quick cover?

    Anyone ever use this stuff? Another pool store gimmick?
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    Um..Turning heater on for first time

    Bought house April of this year. Pool built in 2014 with Heater ran into a bad case of Mustard Algae before I discovered this site. After discovering this site and the helpful tips, eliminated the algae and pool as been perfect since May. Havent seen the need to turn turn the heater on...
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    Adding drops

    Quick question that I’ve been wondering for some time: When testing FC, will the results be skewed if you add multiple drops before swirling the solution to test if it goes clear (to save time)? For example, let’s say that I know my pool is usually around FC 14. Knowing this, when doing a...
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    Salt cell question

    About a week and a half ago my salt cell was showing 3100. I brought a water sample to the pool store (the salt reader meter is the one thing I don’t have which my local pool store does). They had the reading around 3300-3400 and said the display was likely off because probably my cell that...
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    Mixing kits

    Need to get a refill on be R-0870 powder. I see the Taylor kit sells refills (amazon) for almost half the price as the TD100 site. I can buy the Taylor R-0870 to use with my TF100 R-0871, right?
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    Eye “Phenomenon”

    water has been near perfect for some time (thanks to the help from this site) Though, recently had added some MA to Lower PH back to 7.5-7.6 range. Today, while swimming, I opened my eyes underwater and it was crazy - almost like I had goggles on. Not just the clarity of the water, but no...
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    Pool Party and FC

    Seen a few recommendations around here - just looking to see how much higher I should have my FC prior to a pool party tomorrow - about 10-15 adults and 5 small kiddos. Re timing- should I add the boost about an hour prior?
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    2 quick questions

    Background: since I discovered this site, been able to bring back to life and maintain pool (crystal clear). Thanks to everyone for the help so far. Zero issues maintaining FC but... 1). TA has always been a bit high. Month ago (when things weren’t good was in the 200s...but since the pool...
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    Cya in SWG pool

    Is there any “negative” (other than “wasting “ LC to maintain target FC) to keep a lower cya in a SWG? Im around 40 cya in my SWG and everything seems to be fine. Is it worth adding another 30 ppm or am I ok doing what I’m doing? I also tend to be more conservative and treat the pool like it’s...
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    Newbie and Mustard

    The good news: I just discovered this site tonight. The bad news: I just discovered this site tonight. Kit was ordered tonight. Background: Bought current home in April. Has 22,000 gallon kidney shaped IG pool (built in 2014) with sand filter and salt water generator. I Had pool...