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    Jandy LXI heater, shorted h2o sensor

    Hello everyone, I searched and came up with 1 thread relating to this issue with good advice and followed it. I am now on my second sensor however. The heater is 5 years old and I first got the error message a month ago. I ordered a new sensor and replaced, immediately I got the same fault...
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    No flow error on LCD screen

    Hello everyone. I just noticed the "no flow" message on the LCD screen. I just cleaned the sensor with a scotch brite pad, just cleaned the cell with water and muriatic acid. I hit the reset on the daughterboard and am still getting the message. I also have a add salt message. The computer...
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    Pool just opened, preparing to SLAM tomorrow need some guidance

    Hello all, The pool was just opened today and it looked remarkably good, picture below. I ran the tests and the results are as follows: FC: 0 CC: not tested, figured I was going to begin SLAM tomorrow PH: 7.0 it could be lower but 7.0 was the lowest panel on the tube TA: 60 - 70, 60 began...
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    Air in the pump strainer basket, help please

    Hello, I noticed a good amount of air in the pump strainer basket. I have an inground cleaining system with a basket filter located in the pool deck, pictured below. When I turn the system off there was a large amount of gurgling coming from there. Events to note. I tried to swich out my...
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    Finally saw the sun for 30 minutes and figured I would see how the TFPC looks

    Was finally able to get the cover off this weekend. The pool looks amazing, I can see the Philips head screws on all the fixtures.
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    Swapping out Jandy pressure gauge for glycerin filled pressure gauge

    Hello all, It looks like the Jandy filter pressure gauge I have pictured here: Jandy R0357200 Has a unibody construction. The gauge on is just the gauge, what happens to the pressure relief assembly? Will I lose the ability to bleed air from the filter with this install?
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    Latest test results after a week of rain and SLAM 2 weeks ago

    Hello, Most of these seem in range but the TA and PH have me wondering. Any suggestions, I have been running a hose from the pump to the pool to "splash" filtered water onto the water's surface for 4 or 5 hours to increase the PH but haven't really seen a change. FC: 10.5 holding steady...
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    Need help, seems like pump doesn't work

    Timer is on, SWCG is on, but pump is not running. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot? What is the lifespan on these pumps?
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    How quickly does PH rise when aerating?

    My PH is 7.0, I need to raise it. Rather than dumping in some Borax, I am going to run a hose from the pump and pump filtered water back into the pool like a makeshift waterfall. How quickly will this impact the PH level. I will test it again later but wanted to get some sort of ballpark idea...
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    Question about raising PH by aeration

    Hello folks, I am done with the SLAM, beginning to let the levels stabilize. My PH is low 7.0. It was perfect before the slam, but I had to drain some water to lessen salt content. I have not kicked on the SWCG yet as the FC levels are still in the teens. My question is, if the PH were to...
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    Need some help new to TFPC, salt keeps rising.

    Hello everyone, I just got my pool balanced after a slam and working with the new test kit. My salt levels were always pretty constant. I went to check the temp in the pool today on the display of the Jandy Aquapure and noticed the service light was on, checked the salinity and it read 4.1. I...
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    Another newbie question regarding testing methods

    Hi everyone. Another set of questions as I try to become proficient at using the test kit. The good news is I have the FC and CC testing down to a science after the recent SLAM, CC still holding at 00. So here goes my list of questions: -when testing for PH, I initially came up with what I...
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    Question about Calcium Hardness CH

    Hello everyone. I am printing a cheat sheet to laminate and keep in my test kit. In reviewing the levels in the ABCs of Chemistry I was hoping someone could clarify the level of CH I should be looking to maintain. My pool has a vinyl liner. My pool also has a SWCG. I have copied and pasted...
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    SLAM completed, more question regarding protocol to maintain levels

    Hi everyone, The slam is complete and that prompts a whole new set of questions. -FC reading is still in the 20s but drifting downward. My SWCG is still set to 00, when should I turn it up and what would be a good starting setting, I think last year I ran it at 50? I don't want to run the...
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    First time trying TFP, pool just opened

    Hello everyone, This is my first time trying the trouble free pool method. I just opened the pool and got the salt level where it should be and turned the SWG down to 00 as the directions state for 24 hours. The filter is running 24 hours straight as well. The water looks great all things...