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    Major flooding...POOL DIRTY BROWN

    Hello everyone.... We received about 5 inches of rain in less than 1 hour this morning and my yard is now in my pool! I went from crystal clear water to this: I have the cartridge and VSP on max at 3000 RPM, and the Polaris running.... The builder advice was to get some Flocculant and go...
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    Jandy Aquapure 1400 Error Codes 125 and 194 .... HELP!

    Hello, My Jandy Aquapure 1400 SWG has been working great since new 18 months ago. Last week it stopped working and while out of town, my pool turned GREENo_O I did a SLAM and got the pool back in balance, but the reason I went green in the first place was because the SWG failed. The codes I...
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    3 hours to clean filter

    So this is my second summer with our new pool. I learned a lesson today and will be cleaning the cartridge filters more often! It took me 3 hours to hose these puppies off and get them to flow clear water. The pool builder told me to clean the filter when the pressure reached about 20 PSI on...
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    Can you help me with valve position

    Hello, I noticed that one of my two skimmers is not skimming.. well, at least there is no debris in the basket of one of the skimmers while the other one is always full of debris. I am not sure how these valves need to be positioned to control the skimmers and the main drain. Can anyone...
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    Brown spots on Pebble Tec

    So the pool is about 1 year old now. I have been maintaining to TFP standards since the beginning. I noticed at the end of last summer there was one brown spot on the bottom of the pool that would not sweep away. I did not do anything about it. Now they are all over the pool. These brown...
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    Monitor my SLAM

    My pool is 1 year old now. I slacked off on maintaining the pool chems during the winter months, and due to some yard drainage issues, every time it rains I get a lot of dirt in the pool. It has been a wet winter and I have had trouble keeping up. Well, the weather is warming up and my pool...
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    Ideal FC for a NON closed pool in winter

    I am not closing the pool in NORTH GEORGIA... I like to look at it! What is an ideal FC level during the winter months... I have been running my filter at night for 13 hours... 6pm - 7am with the SWG at 10%... This has been yielding about 3-5 FC depending on sun levels... CYA is 50 Water is...
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    Solar Cover question / Freeze Protection

    Hello! First winter with a pool... I live in the Atlanta Georgia area and our winter climate is fairly mild, although we will have a few weeks of sub freezing temps. Due to our temperate climate and the fact that I like to look at the pool, I have chosen not to cover or "close" the pool...
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    Help.. Hurricane Michael Cloudy pool

    Hi all... Located in North Georgia. We received a ton of rain and wind from the hurricane last night. I woke up to a cloudy pool. When I went to bed the pool was crystal clear, and when I woke up it looked like this. The deck around the pool was flooded with rain water and I am...
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    Permits how would you handle it?

    So my pool and back yard reno are complete (for the most part), ground breaking was January 2018. I have paid the General Contractor for the entire project without hesitation every time funds were requested, and the project is paid in full. I have copies of the original plans submitted to...
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    Did I get duped? PebbleTec vs. Diamond Brite, is there a difference?

    Ignorance and lack of experience/knowledge when it comes to contracting, building and pools is my weak link here. I was quoted and paid for a Tahoe Blue PebbleTec pool finish. The finish went in May 1, and we have been swimming in and enjoying the pool. During this time I have spent...
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    HELP valve positions and salt generator

    Hello all, I am at a crossroads. I have not had very much support from my PB and my journey has been 90% self taught from this site and from manuals and youtube. Can someone take a look at these pics and tell me what direction the valves need to be to make everything work properly? Is it...
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    adding water to pool question

    How often do you find you need to add water to the pool? New pool, and my water level is a couple of inches below the half way mark of the tiles. When you add water from the garden hose, what effects on the chemestry do you find? Thanks
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    I am so lost...HELP

    I am using the Taylor 2006c test kit... Pool was completed about two weeks ago and the filter/pump has been running for about a week now. The PB has put some chems in the pool but I am not sure what or how much. I do know there are a few pucks in the skimmers. So i test the water today...
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    Testing Water today

    I have received my Taylor 2006C. The new pool will be filled starting Tuesday from the garden hose off the house. I am going to test the tap water with my new kit... Any advice on what to test/look for? Again.. this is just the test of the water before begining the fill process.. Thanks
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    Shade Sails

    Can anyone post pics of their shade sails if you are using them? I am debating between triangle and square shade sails over the swim up bar... Looking for ideas. Thanks
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    Jandy Aqua pure SWG

    New build, and am scheduled to have this product installed on a 35,000 gallon pool. I have never owned a pool, and am learning as much as I can. Any opinions or experience with this product before they install it? Thank you...
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    Building in Georgia Drone PICS

    Back Yard Reno... Jandy 460 CartridgeFilter Jandy 2.2HPVariable Speed Pump Jandy AquaPure Integrated Salt System Jandy LEDWhite Pool Lights Jandy PS4Pool Control with iAqualink System (for use with iPhone, Android, MAC or PC This systemhas a timer for every circuit, firmware to control...