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    CH question for vinyl pools

    Just want to make sure the CH tests don't really matter for vinyl pools. I did the test and it was 2 drops so 50ppm. Does that number matter at all? Is that something that vinyl pools even need to be aware of?
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    Sand base question

    So I had my pool installed over 2 years ago. They did a great job. I used the foam cove around the pool and they used the sand base and wet it and tamped it down. The other day I noticed maybe a cup or 2 worth of sand near the exterior of the pool. How can the sand have gotten past the foam...
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    Draining water off cover

    I was just curious - Do people drain water off their AGP pool periodically during the fall/winter? Or do they just wait until spring when they open the pool. I've been using my small pump to drain it off the cover after heavy rains a few times. I also had a few leaves on the cover also so...
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    Will draining below returns make liner brittle

    I drained the pool below the returns for winter and put a solid cover on it. I measured its about 10 inches from the top rail. I am using the aquador and a threaded return plug. I'm wondering if the part of the liner that has no water on it will become brittle over time. Should I fill the...
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    Does algae need sunlight

    Random question here. I've read on this forum conflicting statements. I've seen people say algae needs sunlight to grow. However, based on reading some posts I'm not sure if that's true. Here are some examples. 1) I've read people saying they just bought a house and the pool has been...
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    Can I use a regular blue tarp as my pool cover

    I have a regular blue tarp that fits my pool. it's the usual one you would find at lowes or home depot. I usually use a micro mesh cover but we had so much rain last winter, I regularly had to drain the pool. So I used the tarp for a week when heavy rain was expected and it worked fine. Then...
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    Skimmer leak

    Hey all. I've had this pool for a year and it just started leaking for some reason. Looking for guidance on how to stop this leak
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    Interested in suction side automatic vacuum for AGP

    There are so many choices. Kreepy krauly, lil shark, aquabot critter. Anyone have any experience one type over another? Do they get stuck on ladders? Can you use the vacuum plate so the debris gets caught in my skimmer sock? A lot of videos show the vacuum cord going down the skimmer port...
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    Can you use the intex robot on a non-intex permanent pool?

    Was looking at the intex robot for like $69, seems like a great value. However I don't have an intex pool. Would it work on a regular permanent pool? Would I need adapters? I'm quite confused. I just use a regular manual vacuum now.
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    Another diet or algae question

    This is brown. When I brush it it poofs brown. I've vacuumed it and a lot of the dirt gets caught in the hair net but the next day it's back. This happened last year so I think it's dirt. Within 5 days of filling my new pool I had these spots. I get a lot of wind and surrounding trees. Is...
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    Math help on intex SWG

    My intex SWG says it produces 12 g of chlorine per hour.... What does that translate to into FC? Meaning if I run my SWG for 3 hours how much FC am I generating? Thanks!
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    A couple drops of water from pump

    I noticed after work that there was maybe 10 drops of water leaking from the pump. I also turned the pump on for 2 hours and saw 3 drops. Should I be concerned at all. Or maybe just try to tighten the screws a bit? Where I am pointing is where it's leaking
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    Drip on outside of return jet.

    Just opened my pool and I noticed a slow drip. Any idea how to stop this. I'm not handy enough to take apart the return jet. Would tightening the nut work. Or should I live with it.
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    Self cleaning on intex SWG

    I was reading the manual on my intex SWG and it says that it has self cleaning function and the only time you may need to clean it is if you have hard water - which I don't. My question is do people that have the intex SWG rely on the self cleaning function or do you clean it with vinegar.
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    Question about water freezing temps...

    Hi Everyone. We are supposed to get warm temps this weekend and I want to attach my pump/filter and start getting my levels right. However I have a question. Next week the overnight lows on accuweather for my town say 36 degrees. With my water temp at 43 degrees is there any risk of the...
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    Swim belt for AGP

    Can someone recommend a swim belt teather for an AGP. My closest pole is about 20 feet away so I would need a long one. There are so many choices.
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    Rain overflow question

    I have a unibead liner on my 15' aboveground pool. I have a micromesh cover. I drained below the returns but we've had very heavy rains the past few weeks. The top inch or 2 of water is frozen but the water is close to overflowing so I can't fit a sump pump in to partially drain it. How...
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    Question about leaves on vinyl liner

    I have a question for the forum. I have a few large leaves that are sitting on the bottom of my AGP. For the next 6 months they will just sit there, can they like stain the liner as they decompose from the water an chlorine? A couple years ago we had an Intex pool and my wife swears that the...
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    Not draining in the winter

    Hello all. I wanted to get opinions if this is ok. Im not draining my pool since I have a micromesh cover. I'm using the aquador and and threaded cap for the return. I have small small amounts of water coming out of both. I took pictures of the tiny amount of water. Does anyone think this...
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    Do you cover the skimmer lid on an AGP.

    I am using the aquador so my skimmer has been bone dry for a few days. Then it rained and there was some standing water in the bottom of the skimmer like where the bottom ring is. I was wondering can that freeze and crack something. Should I put like a bag on the skimmer? I have some tape on...
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    I can't unscrew my eyeball return

    I removed the 2 pieces (I think they are called the directional and the eyeball) but I can't unscrew the other seated part. I even used the hayward seat removal tool. I want to plug this for winter so water doesn't get in there since I use a mesh cover. Couple of questions 1) Would a rubber...
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    Is there a way you DONT have to pump water off a solid AGP

    I currently have a micromesh cover that I love but I think I may want to have a solid cover so I don't have to worry about the pool overflowing from rain. I know with a solid cover most people either dredge out in the very cold weather to drain water off their cover with a submersible pump...
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    Weir door styrofoam has algae in it

    Has this happened to anyone else. The styrofoam on the back of the weir door has green in it..... Like small patches throughout. Any idea the easiest way to get that off? Also the crevices of my skimmer where the water gets sucked in has tiny green in the corners. My test results are...
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    Will the liner be ok if I drain 14 inches for winter?

    My pool is currently filled up to 48 inches with water. If I am to drain it 6 inches below the return that would mean draining 14 inches of water and only leaving 34 inches (I measured). I'm worried about the liner becoming brittle or stretched or wrinkled during the freezing winters. If I...
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    Solar panel location is 20 feet away

    Let me preface this by saying I am not handy at all. I want to buy a solar panel for my 15 foot above ground pool. The pump and filter is in a shaded part of my backyard and the closest place to put my solar panels is the other side of the yard about 20 feet away. How would I connect that to...
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    Pinhole leak in flexible hose

    So I have a pinhole size leak into flexible hose. Is there anyway to fix or patch it so it lasts another say 2-3 weeks before closing. My water temp is 72 and I don't want to close yet. I called 1 store near me and they are out of hoses. Would running the pump another few weeks cause the...
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    How many people in freezing areas do not drain their AGP

    I have the aquador and a threaded plug for my return. I'm thinking of just leaving my water level where it is when I close. Will those items protect my skimmer and return? It should be noted I will be using a micromesh cover so I may periodically have to drop in the sump pump and drain a...
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    CYA testing question - Stare or glance?

    When testing CYA do you stare at the dot the entire time until it goes away? Or do you glance away from the dot and glance back? The difference is like 70 for glancing or 50 when staring as hard as I can. Also if I can ask the TFP community - I had some old bleach I put some of the FAS-DPD...
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    Do I need a check valve

    I am getting conflicting information from whoever picks up at Pentair Support. I have a 75 Sq Ft clean & Clear cartridge filter (Model:PNCC0075OE1160) Pentair PNCC0075OE1160 Clean & Clear 75 Sq' Cartridge Filter System with 1HP OptiFlo Above Ground Pool Pump Anyway, The filter came with a...
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    Dark spots all over Taylor cylinder

    Should I buy a new cylinder when I order my refills. Look at all these brown spots on the side and the entire bottom is brown. Will this affect the integrity of the Chlorine tests