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    Max-E-Therm FULL OF WATER

    Thanks for the feedback. Since the heat exchanger appears to be in good condition, I am taking it to a radiator repair shop to have the leak fixed and pressure tested. Should be much cheaper than a new cupric-nickel at $1500 or a copper at $700. I will see if I can test the NG pressure too.
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    Max-E-Therm FULL OF WATER

    The yellow flex line is about 24" long and connects the gas. I have a pressure meter, but not familiar with where to take the pressure measurement. I will inspect the gas line coming out of the ground. It's 1.5" metal pipe and corrodes every few years from rain and I replace it.
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    Max-E-Therm FULL OF WATER

    So thinking the combustion chamber was most likely damaged when flooded, I pulled it apart. Looks like a mess. Any advice which parts to replace and which to keep? I'm thinking new heat exchanger and o-rings PLUS new combustion chamber pan. Thanks, Lee - - - Updated - - - Here are a few...
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    Max-E-Therm FULL OF WATER

    I removed the lower bolts and about 10 gallons of water drained out. I removed the entire manifold and took some photos. I put my mouth on the copper loops and pressure tested each loop. No leak detected by mouth. Perhaps there is a pinhole leak that I can't detect that way. Other than an...
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    Max-E-Therm FULL OF WATER

    I have a Stay-Rite Max-E-Therm 400HD. I have been replacing parts as it would run for a while and then quit. Today I removed the HSI to replace and noticed half the tip of the HSI was submerged in WATER!! So where do I go from here?? Do I disassemble the manifold and replace o-ring seals or...
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    Need LIGHTS recommendation during replaster

    I would prefer some LED lights, but bad reviews are everywhere for all brands of LED from what I see. Anyone have good reviews of the Hayward? Anyone have Hayward Colorlogic older than 7 years? Thanks, Lee
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    Texas vs. SWG - What is the deal

    My pool was not salt water when I purchased it. I ran it a year that way. Then I converted to SWG. MUCH better because: much less maintenance because the SWG keeps chlorine levels much more steady state. I add a little acid, check ORP/chlorine levels, make an occasional adjust about every...
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    Need LIGHTS recommendation during replaster

    I am having my pool replastered and 2 new lighting niches placed for pool and spa. What lights do you guys recommend since I can install anything at this point? LED would be nice, but need a brand/model with a long term low cost of ownership. This means I forget about it for the next 10...
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    Aqua Logic Salt Too High - Cholrinator Off High Salt/Amps

    This fixed it for me. FYI, on my PS-8 board the bad connection as accurately depicted in the photo is actually relay K6, not K1. Thanks for the tip, I was pulling my hair out trying to figure this out!
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    Max-E-Therm vs MasterTemp : Which to buy?

    It's time for a new pool heater. Replacing my NG LAARS with a new NG fits my application the best. I do plan to purchase the model with the cupro-nickel heat exchanger. My understanding is the Pentair Mastertemp and Stay-Rite Max-E-Therm are the same heater except for the outer case. Any...
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    Infuriating brown plating?!

    I agree it is probably iron. I have the same problem. You will need a life time supply of metal sequestrant. My tap water tests negative for iron so I suspect my iron comes from the large quantities of leaves which fall into my pool. Tea anyone? If you can't get ascorbic acid, try the others...
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    pool heaters

    My next heater will be a Max-E-Therm 400k btu natural gas. And solar for my next house :) My current heater is a 400k btu LAARS. We heat for luxury. At the beginning and end of the season we heat to raise the temp a few degrees to take the chill off. In the winter we heat the hot tub...
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    circulation help

    I agree with the others. I don't think the algae is a circulation problem. I have personally used the circulator and it works, but honestly it is a solution looking for a problem to solve.
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    Pool circulators?.....

    I tried them. Very good phone support to help with installation. I works and does improve circulation. I'm not sure why one would need to improve circulation though. Eventually I removed it as it was more important to have my return pointed to the surface to improve my skimming pattern...
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    FINALLY about to buy a heater... But which one?

    I have heard good things about MaxETherm. I would avoid the used heater pathway. The parts are usually all model specific and more expensive than anticipated. For a pool that size a heat pump would be nice too.
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    Pentair Heat/Cool Pump or Gas Heat w/ Chiller

    I have a friend in this area who installed heat pump. He is happy with it. It works well when ambient temps are within 20-25 degrees of the desired pool temp. Hotter or colder than that and efficiency and effectiveness drop off.
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    League City - Final Pool Specs - Advice?

    You have plenty of returns in the pool, but only 1 in the spa sounds like a problem to me. If it is a typically sized return, then the water flow through it will be lower and your spa will not heat up as quickly. I would say you need at least 2 returns to the spa to achieve a respectable GPM...
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    ORP values have never really correlated with the Cl values

    Re: ORP values have never really correlated with the Cl valu What is your CyA?
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    Sense and Dispense ORP Issue

    Let us know how it turns out. With my ORP meter most of the time if the value is greater than 500 my FC / Cya is OK. If my FC should drop, then ORP readings drop to around 350 - 450. The change is not linear, more like a sinusoidal curve. The reference is different for each pool, climate...
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    Gas Heaters - 300 BTU vs. 400 BTU - which is better???

    With a spa you may prefer gas heat for faster heatup. Regardless of size if you are running a new gas line I would size it for the larger heater just in case you need it. I would go with the 400 also. I like mine.
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    Ideal ORP readings

    Dudes! You may have a sanitized pool with low chlorine levels (which are more difficult to maintain by the way due to smaller margin of error) but you will most likely have an algae issue.
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    running an electrical line for my SWG.

    Go to loses and buy a smAll subpanel. Get an NEMA outdoor/weather rated on with room for enough breakers for your stuff. I would look into reconfiguring your pump for 220 while your doing all this anyway.
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    What are the MUST haves for your pool?

    Lots of deck space SWG Solar heater Heat pump Pool long enough to swim laps. I don't personally consider an autocover to be all that safe. I still recommend a pool safety fence even if your yard is already fenced. Wide entry steps beat a pool ladder any day. Extra pool light...
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    Yellowing only in spa

    Maybe a mineral stain from the rock?
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    Scale deposits on pool tiles

    Sand blasting with glass beads works well..... If you can find someone with the right equipment.
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    Brown stains what to do?

    It is ok to swim. Remember before you start ascorbic acid treatment to let chlorine go to zero first or you will have wasted your ascorbic acid. I would recommend against using any copper based algicides ever as they can produce another stain problem.
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    Calcium Scale prevention by CATALYST - does it work?

    Thanks for your response. I ask because: 1. My shower glass doors accumulate hard water deposits very quickly. I have tested my city water with my TF100 and Calcium is 40. Was considering a water softener when I ran across the above catalyst devices. 2. Fluid Dynamics offers a model...
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    Calcium Scale prevention by CATALYST - does it work?

    Hi guys, Wanted to see if anyone out there could weigh-in on this one. Trying to decide if it is legitimate or B.S. The idea is that a catalytic surface is placed inline with a water supply (house or pool), the catalyst causes Ca++ ions to precipitate and wash through the system without...
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    Iffy temperature sensor on P4 panel?

    Similar problem....turned out to be broken wire where it connects to sensor. Installer damaged it when installing sensor. Replaced sensor/wire and everything works great.... of course that was after the $800 gas bill!
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    Ozone Joes??

    Having both a SWG and an ozone generator I can give the practical points: 1. Ozone manufacturers mislead consumers by saying you will reduce chemical use by (50-90%). Sure you can do the low chlorine thing, but you will have algae as referenced above. 2. My ozone has provided a small...