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  1. Bassin37WV

    CYA TEST with TF-100

    Dave, According to the I will need 299oz to get to 80PPM. I only bought 3 containers. Looks like I may need 3 more for a total of 18LBs to get the job done. Is this correct? Thanks, Troy
  2. Bassin37WV

    CYA TEST with TF-100

    OK, went to pool store and bought three 3LB containers at $23.59 a piece. Pool guy told me this would last at least 5 years. He also said I should put in one container every 2 days and wait a month before testing. I feel like such a dumbo for buying the wrong thing! Thanks for the help. Troy
  3. Bassin37WV

    CYA TEST with TF-100

    Dave, I'm using the SWG and added the Trichloro tabs to bring CYA level up. Here is the test results: FC-2.4 PH-7.5 CC-.5 CYA-No Reading TA-170 Troy
  4. Bassin37WV

    CYA TEST with TF-100

    Please help! I have never seen the black dot disappear in the C.A. view tube. I added three 3" stabilized tabelts to skimmer two weeks ago. Have I did something wrong here? Or do I just need to add more of the AquaChem tablets? Thanks in advance! :-D
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    Can anyone please post procedure on how to recalibrate Goldline product? :?
  6. Bassin37WV

    1st TEST EVER!!!

    Well here are my numbers, no clue where these should be :? . Water seems clear and looks great!!! FC = 3.5 PPM CC = .5 TC = 4.0 PH 8.2 TA = 210 CH = Did not complete this test CYA = Black dot never went away... Temp = 87 Thanks in advance for any advise!!! :-D
  7. Bassin37WV

    Do you have questions about SWG???

    This is a nice site to learn... :)
  8. Bassin37WV

    Pool Chairs

    Buggsw I just used this site to get idea's and model numbers. I actually bought it off of Ebay. ... eNameZWD1S Troy
  9. Bassin37WV

    Pool Chairs

    I just got my wife the Suchaser SOFSKIN lounger NT146 for her B-DAY :!: Here is a good site with a good selection:
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    This might be a strange question and off topic but how does everyone handle all the neighborhood kids? Our pool is going in this month and we have tons of kids in the neighborhood. How do you maintain the family sanctuary? We have 4 kids. Thank you for your thoughts. :?: