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    I have to completely drain my pool

    as the title says, the pool manufacturer has to drain my fiberglass pool to repair a peeling gel coat problem. i also have a lot of iron staining on the walls from the rural water district. so here’s my plan; i lift the stains with an AA treatment, then drain it. after the gelcoat is repaired...
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    fiberglass pool flaking?

    i noticed this issue last August. it appears a layer of “something” is peeling off. i contacted Sun Pools, the manufacturer, last september, only to get the run around. i’m going to call them again this week and see what they’re going to do. anybody have any ideas?
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    gopher problem

    so i’ve been at war with a gopher(s) for the last few days. it likes digging around the pool deck, leaving piles of dirt all over. i’ve watched several youtube videos which show how to find the tunnels to gassing them with a pipe hooked to your lawn equipment or using a road flare. one tip using...
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    blue devil cya tester

    i opened the pool last week and of course trying to adjust things with my k2006 test kit. the cya test was giving my problems. the reagent is new but the test was hard to determine. i repeated the test several times and was not comfortable with the result... my back to the sun and glance method...
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    liquid chlorine lost strength

    after having some confusing fc tests , i guess my 10% chlorine may now be around 6%. it was manufactured 7/2018 and has been stored inside. my fc tested 5.5. i added a quart. after 45 mins the pool water tested 7.5. does that sound right?
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    pool store testing

    a good friend of mine sent my a pic of his pool store water test. fc .50 cc 0 ph 7.4 TA 22 ch 310 cya 50 is it possible to have a ta of 22 and a ph of 7.4 ?? he has an IG plaster 15000 g pool
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    auto covers: basic maintenance ?

    i have a two year old coverstar autocover. i have had the PB out a couple of times to adjust things. i’m good with that. but i’ve wondered about how other owners take care of the basics. keeping the tracks clean or cleaning the cover etc. i’d like to hear from other people about what they do...
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    sig test1

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    pic test

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    pic test

    gelcoat problem
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    losing a lot of fc

    no doubt it’s been hot in central oklahoma and my pool is in full sun, but i lost 7.5 ppm fc in 24 hours. i started with 10 ppm and the next morning measured 2.5 ppm. i then put it back to 10 fc and closed the auto cover for the day. in the evening i checked fc at 7.5 and then rechecked the...
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    i need a good concrete sealer.

    i have a problem with my pool concrete pool deck. i have to get out my power washer just to get muddy dog tracks and people tracks off. trying to use a spray nozzle on the hose won’t do it even though the concrete has a water-based sealer on it. any ideas on this?
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    pic test

    see if this works
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    white spots on pool deck

    so i put 10-20-10 fertilizer granules on my yard. i used my blower to remove any pellets that got around the pool. the next morning i noticed white spots in my foot prints from walking in the yard and on to the pool deck from the night before. any idea what will remove them? they don’t wash off...
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    CH level for FG pool

    i just tested my CH at 130 ppm. should i try to raise that in a one yr old FG pool? if so, what is the preferred method on adding calcium chloride. sock method or just sprinkle it around or ? thanks in advance👍
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    liquid vs dry stabilizer ?

    i know i’ve seen this topic come up before. is the main difference the liquid version just costs more?
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    getting ready for tarp method

    i finally have some time to start the water change. i’ve chosen the tarp method since my 11k gallon IG FB pool has a cya around 300. currently the water looks perfect and the fc has been kept in the low 20’s. here’s my plan. i will use my little giant 1700 gph cover pump on the bottom of my 4’...
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    cya 320, water temp 48

    as the title reads, cya 320, water temp 48. my fc was down to 14, but i took it back above 20 for now. of course i’m planning a water change, probably tarp method. when is the best time? now or wait a few weeks...does it matter? thanks
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    how did my cya get this high?

    my pool is only 11 weeks old and my cya is over 200. in those 11 weeks, 25lbs of 1"" tri-chlor tabs have been used. do those tabs contain enough cya to make an 11k gallon, IG, fiberglass pool read 200+ppm?
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    high cya.. water change now or spring?

    my new 11,000 gallon, fiberglass pool has been operating for two months. here's the numbers: fc 14.5 cc 0 ph 7.6 ta 100 ch 100 cya 200+ not sure how it became over stabilized.. but it is. currently the water is very clear. so, do i do the water change before closing or wait until i open it in...