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  1. frbruno64

    Decrease pump HP and increase filter size

    I currently have a 2 hp single-speed motor on a Challenger pump and an FNS Plus 48. I have purchased a two-speed 1.5 hp motor and matching impeller which I will install on the existing wet end in place of the 2hp motor. Fortuitously, a free Pentair FNS Plus 60 was up for grabs, and is now...
  2. frbruno64

    Diving Board Help

    I forgot to mention my recommendation to apply a second top coat. Do it prior to the expiration date on the activator package. I waited too long and my activator dried up. It cost $35 for a second can of activator. Also, SR Smith informed that boards can be resurfaced. Your board looks like a...
  3. frbruno64

    Diving Board Help

    My steel diving board stand was peeling and rusting. I sent photos to SR Smith thinking they were the manufacturer. They told tell me the name of the original manufacturer, model, and estimated year of manufacture for both the steel stand and the board. They told me the correct method for...
  4. frbruno64

    Pump running dry for months!

    Yesterday, I was on the pool deck for the first time in at least two months. As I approached the deep end, I heard a faint noise coming from the equipment area. As I got closer, I caught a faint burning smell and felt my stomach sink as I realized it was my pump running - and running dry to...
  5. frbruno64

    New box for my TF-100

    Terrific upgrade to your test kit. I like it.
  6. frbruno64

    Why are hardwired timers so expensive?

    I have found good success with Tork branded pool timers. I picked up a new model PFP1102 for $35 plus reasonable shipping from eBay. Way below retail price. (Note that I was told the parent company decided to get out of the large pool panel business. I don't know if that includes the smaller...
  7. frbruno64

    Best Places to Buy Liquid Chlorine

    Any suggestions for the Main Line area in the Philadelphia suburbs? Our best source closed down this year, leaving me paying $22 for a 5 gallon carboy of 12%. The out of business vendor was charging $15 for the identical item.
  8. frbruno64

    Wall Street Journal article on new testing method for large pools

    Is That Pool Really Sanitary? New Chemical Approach Has Answers Checking for levels a common sweetener is one way to see how clean and healthy a pool is Scientists find that testing pool water for a common artificial sweetener is one way to check the hygiene level of the pool. An...
  9. frbruno64

    Wall Street Journal article on new testing method for large pools

    Thought the group would find this article interesting, despite the gross results of large pool tests.
  10. frbruno64

    Muriatic acid cost?

    Philadelphia suburbs. Two gallons (31.45%) for $14.49. Looks like I need to shop around for a better price.
  11. frbruno64

    Ball valve resistant to chlorine

    I'm looking for a ball valve suitable for installation adjacent to my vacation puck feeder. Standard PVC valves quickly accumulate chlorine residue preventing valve operation. Thank you.
  12. frbruno64

    Timer for two speed B2982

    I was going to start a new thread to discuss the impeller change, but you beat me to it. Current pump is Challenger 2hp CFII-N1-2A, with an AO Smith rated SF 1.1. From the information on this website, I believe this is an uprated 1.5hp motor. Thus, for the new motor I need the impeller for a 1...
  13. frbruno64

    Timer for two speed B2982

    Got a sweet, sweet deal on a Century B2982 motor, with no timer. At $175, I could not pass up the opportunity. This leaves me with the question of how to control this two speed motor. My current timer is a Tork P1104-M mechanical timer inside a Tork PP-125-R-P4 panel. Perfect for single speed...
  14. frbruno64

    New pump or motor replacement: decision time

    Now I understand your point.
  15. frbruno64

    New pump or motor replacement: decision time

    Yes, the main drain is in the middle and was incorrectly labeled. I corrected the diagram with the proper label. Thanks for noticing my error. Note that the current motor is single speed. All we have is full blast!
  16. frbruno64

    New pump or motor replacement: decision time

    As mentioned in my previous thread, I'm planning to upgrade to a two speed pump. Replacing the motor with a two speed Century B2983 and keeping the wet end was the original thought. However, it occurred that an analysis of purchasing a new pump is in order, especially if my current equipment...
  17. frbruno64

    Challenger motor replacement

    I'm replacing the motor on my Challenger CF-NI-2A High Flow pump, because it is tripping the GFCI breaker, 15 years old, and single speed. Photos below of current pump and motor. Before ordering the motor, I need to verify that I selected the correct motor. After looking at so much data over...
  18. frbruno64

    CYA dropped to below 30

    Just brainstorming here. Is stabilizer identical in quality and composition? Since we are seeing a large number of CYA questions from experienced members, maybe there is variability in stabilizer behavior across manufacturers. Sort of a Good Witch vs Bad Witch situation.
  19. frbruno64

    Hide and seek CYA

    Thanks for the input. My 1005 kit is several years old and includes an alkalinity test. I replace reagents as needed, but that is getting old. As UN1017 mentioned above, I need to get the FAS-DPD test - and FAST! So, your advice to purchase a new kit is on the money. Note that whenever I...
  20. frbruno64

    Hide and seek CYA

    Although there are plenty of informative posts about unexpected CYA levels upon opening, I post mine because of unexpected results based upon the quantity and types of chemicals added over the past month. The pool was closed early September 2015. Balanced with a CYA value of 60 Water lowered...
  21. frbruno64

    Jandy sweep elbow?

    I believe I read about the sweep elbow requirement on page 144, Section (p), item 2, line C in the California 2008 Building Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential and Nonresidential Buildings, available at
  22. frbruno64

    Jandy sweep elbow?

    I thought I read that sweeps are becoming required fittings in California.
  23. frbruno64

    Leaking return line

    I'm thinking that a professional plumber would be experienced in removing the rusted elbow without damaging what look to be decent threads on the wall fitting. The plumbing bill is bound to be less than replacing the entire wall fitting. I have successfully cut through a portion of a malleable...
  24. frbruno64

    My $25 auto chlorinator DIY project

    Since pumps have drain plugs, how about something like this for suction side injection on IG pools? Remove the drain plug on the pump pot. Screw in a chlorine resistant 1/4" nipple connected to a 1/4" chlorine resistant ball valve, (brass might work). The below photos show how I am using such a...
  25. frbruno64

    Reading CYA test

    I automatically close my left eye and use my right eye to view the dot from above, (similar to looking in a microscope or telescope.) Does this test require both eyes to be open?