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    Deep cleaning sand filter

    Is there any way I can deep clean this filter without adding unions to all three pipes? It already was installed without unions when we bought the house and I want to deep clean.
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    First time vinyl change

    Hello all, I am looking to change our vinyl liner for the first time and looking for some advice. I got a quote and it was estimated to be around $2850 for 20 mil, $2950 for 27 mil, and $3050 for 30 mil. Does that sound like a reasonable price? I am located in North Georgia.
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    New to pool automation- Advise Please!!

    I am looking to add a pool automation system in the future. I currently have a Jandy VS flopro 1.65 THp pump, a Hayward sand filter, a Hayward hp21404t heat pump and a Hayward Aquarite salt generator. I don't know anything about pool automation systems so any tips would be appreciated. Only...
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    Question about CYA ppm with SWG

    I am curious about why the CYA needs to be 70-80 ppm with SWG. Isn't that very high? I keep mine around 40 ppm with free chlorine around 3 ppm and I haven't had any issues with the water.