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  1. adirondak5

    Pool Math App Setup

    Hi all , I am trying to set up the pool math app and have a question regarding the selection for the SWG cell . I have a Hayward AquaTrol RJ with a Turbo Cell T-5 , I don't see any listing for that cell on the pool math app's selection chart , any ideas on how to proceed ? Thanks .
  2. adirondak5

    New Addition - Dolphin E10

    Just got a Dolphin E10 , its running its first cycle right now . With 3 grandsons permanently with me and the wife and a Douglas Fir and a Sassafras tree near the pool I found myself spending a good amount of time vacuuming the pool (even though its a small pool). This thing works pretty darn...
  3. adirondak5

    New Install/New Member

    Hi all . New member to TFP , been lurking for a bit . Had an ABG years ago and helped install a few over the years but haven't had a pool now in over 10 years . The wife and I have 3 of grandsons with us permanently , and thought they need a pool in the summer , and we do too , even though it...