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    Calcium Hardness Level Discrepancies

    I see two different recommended calcium hardness levels on TPF: 220-350 ppm: ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry - Trouble Free Pool 350-550 ppm: What Are My Ideal Pool Levels? - Trouble Free Pool The second and higher range is from what appears to be a newer TFP website page. Anyway, can...
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    Ghost in the Machine - Intelliflo VSP Changing Speeds on Its Own

    Based on the amount of water movement on the pool surface and the loudness of the pump, it appears that my Intelliflo is changing speeds on its own. I have even heard it change while I was standing there as the loudness increased and the amount of water rippling on top doubled. The pump speed...
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    Scoop on Ideal Total Alkalinity (and Use of Pucks)

    What is the ideal total alkalinity for plaster/bleach? I always thought it was around 100. 80-120 seems to be what is commonly out there. The TFP ABC’s of Pool Water Chemistry says 60-120 for total alkalinity in general. The TFP Recommended Levels article in the Pool School is 70-90+ for...
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    Vacuuming with Pentair Intelliflo VS Pump

    I have a pool with a VS pump, two skimmers and a two drain set up. How should I set the pump (RPMs) and skimmers and drains (open, partially open or closed) in order to best vacuum the pool? I did some searching, but had trouble finding the answer. Thanks.
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    Calcium Deposits?

    I have several white lines running down my pool plaster which I think might be calcium deposits. I have attached a picture of one of the lines which starts at the bottom of my pool light and goes down several inches. There is no white substance on the tile line. Interestingly, my CH is a...
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    Intelliflo VS bearing replacement - 1) any experience, and 2) any recommendations in DFW?

    I am pretty sure I have a bearing going out on on my Intelliflo. There is a screech when the pump first turns on. The noise is fairly speed dependent and it is fairly loud at at higher speeds. It does seem to decrease as the pump has been going awhile. Has anyone had a bearing replaced on an...
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    Plumbing - What's What and Can I Vacuum to Waste?

    I am trying to get my arms around my pool set up and plumbing so I can finish cleaning my pool. I have a Pentair Intelliflo pump, SWG and cartridge filter. The pool has two skimmers. I have attached pictures of my equipment and plumbing. Fortunately, there are some labels which answer some...
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    Robotic Pool Cleaner Summary?

    The world of robotic cleaners seems to be fairly complicated. This is caused, in part, by the fact that there are numerous important feature sets to consider and that there are so many duplicate models under different brand names (Maytronics S200 apparently being the same as the Dolphin Active...
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    Algae, Leaves and Muriatic Acid

    I am cleaning and working towards a SLAM of a pool that has minor to moderate algae and has a fair amount of dirt and leaves on the bottom. I just cleaned the cartridge filter so as to improve water flow. I need to add muriatic acid to lower the high PH. Can I add muriatic acid without the...
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    Best Salt?

    Does anyone have current recommendations on the best, reasonably priced, brand of salt to use for a SWG pool? I have read that you want the following: 99.8%+ pure Mined Evaporated Granulated Food Quality Non-Iodized I cannot even find all these things on the salt I have looked at.
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    Algae and Timing of Filter Cleaning

    I have a situation with unbalanced water chemistry, algae and a filter which needs to be cleaned. My plan was to shock the pool today and clean the cartridge filter in a day or two after the algae has been eliminated or reduced. I did not want to put algae right back into a clean filter...
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    Questions about the Pentair Intelliflo VS pump

    So I am new to this and also trying to figure out the most cost effective settings for my Intelliflo. What would be a good starting point for a 20k gallon pool during the summer time (RPM and duration)?
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    Leaves and Other Considerations

    I need to make a pretty quick decision on whether to install a robotic or pressure side cleaner. I have an unopened Polaris 3900, but it does not get very good reviews. I still don't understand all the real world differences of robotic v pressure side cleaners, but based on my recent...