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  1. chiefwej

    Doheny's Discovery, S200, Active20, Triton owners club

    I don’t even take it apart. Since the normal water flow is from inside out, you can back flush the filters while still in the frame quite easily.
  2. chiefwej

    Heat Pump VS Gas Heater - What to get?

    Generally speaking,heat pump for those who keep the pool covered anytime not in use, and want the water up to temp at all times. They cost more upfront, are slow to heat water, but can do it more economical than a NG heater. NG is quicker to heat the water, so a better choice for occasional...
  3. chiefwej

    Doheny's Discovery, S200, Active20, Triton owners club

    I never run mine without both filters. With the rough filter screen in place, it only takes a couple minutes to clean the filters. I open the bottom over a trash can, pull the rough filter screen out and tap and rinse it. The fine filters are left in place and just back flushed with a hose...
  4. chiefwej

    How can I fix broken teeth on a deck drain?

    I would be very surprised if it were glued in, probably just wedged with dirt collecting over time. Just break the bars, then cut through it from the inside in two places (across from each other) and peel it out. If it is glued, you may have to use a heat gun. An identical replacement can be...
  5. chiefwej

    Gas vs electric heaters

    For occasional heating, you will almost always find NG the most economic choice. Without keeping a cover on the pool, you will find it slow and expensive to warm the pool, since it will lose that heat each night. How quick you can warm it up to swim temp will depend on the size of the heater...
  6. chiefwej

    Gas vs electric heaters

    Do you use a solar cover? During late season, do you keep the pool covered anytime it is not being used? It is a lot cheaper to keep heat in the pool than add heat. Using a heater without a cover, you will just pay to heat water, then lose that heat each night. The cost will vary depending...
  7. chiefwej

    Pool chemistry - just getting started - overwhelmed with reading past posts

    The water cost for drain and refill in Tucson is way cheaper than RO treatment. My pool is 19k and refill water bumps my water bill by less than $100. It actually cost me more for salt and other chemicals to rebalance than for the water itself. Just never do a refill in November, December, or...
  8. chiefwej

    Pool chemistry - just getting started - overwhelmed with reading past posts

    Just by seeing your TA and CH readings, I knew you were in Tucson.
  9. chiefwej

    Doheny's Discovery, S200, Active20, Triton owners club

    I don’t know about others, but I always use both.
  10. chiefwej

    Doheny's Discovery, S200, Active20, Triton owners club

    My 6 year old granddaughter named ours “Kokapelli”. Watching it wandering around the pool, it’s a perfect name. I just don’t know how a 6 year old would even know about Kokapell.
  11. chiefwej

    Granular Boric Acid Source??

    A quick google search came up with this.
  12. chiefwej

    Switching back to tablets

    When I lived in New England I used pucks in the pool. I did a lot of backwashes and by the time my CYA got completely out of hand, it was usually the end of the season and time to drain about half my water to winterize. I even have a neighbor here In AZ that still uses them. He has a sand...
  13. chiefwej

    Pool Light Bulb LED replacement?

    If you just want a very bright white LED bulb, this is the one I bought about a year ago. Make sure you replace the gasket any time you open the fixture.
  14. chiefwej

    Cost to run propane heater?

    Do you keep a solar cover on the pool when not in use? It is a lot cheaper to keep the heat in than to add it. Without a cover you will just spend money to heat water, only to lose that heat every night.
  15. chiefwej

    Muriatic Acid

    Question, how many glugs are in a blop? I want to be sure I’m using the correct amount.
  16. chiefwej

    What did you do to your pool today?

    I forgot to turn the solar setting down. My pool water is now at 90 degrees!
  17. chiefwej

    I can't figure out what is wrong, and the pool people haven't been helpful at all :(

    When looking for a suction side air leak, plastic food wrap is one valuable tool. It allows you to wrap one fitting or even a valve to see if that is source of leak.
  18. chiefwej

    What did you do to your pool today?

    Swimming, my pool water got up to 85 degrees today.
  19. chiefwej

    extra pipe .... over flow? Any ideas

    If you have a blower it’s not air intake.
  20. chiefwej

    extra pipe .... over flow? Any ideas

    Since you have a spa, that looks like the air intake for spa jets. If so capping it will stop the air flow (bubbles) when the spa is running.
  21. chiefwej

    New to home testing - big discrepancies between my results and pool store

    Always, always believe your results over any pool store.
  22. chiefwej

    Links for safety cover install/removal tools?

    They sell the tools at their website. $5 for the long allen wrench sounds ok, but $39 for the install tool is a bit much. You can make one fairly easy Is you can get some steel tube. It’s just a piece of steel tube that is cut away on one side.
  23. chiefwej

    SWG Safety

    Another, factor to consider is that, by far the most common failure of a flow switch is open, not closed. I have had a few fail, but they have always resulted in the lack of power to the cell.
  24. chiefwej

    Can I cap this pipe?

    Yes, you can cap it. But you could also put a valve on it. That way you can open for bubbles or close to eliminate them. That’s how I have my spa setup.
  25. chiefwej

    Add solar and salt?

    My pump has power at all times, but only runs per its own programming. The pumps own internal controller is set to run 1600 rpm (a speed I selected to support my SWG) from 8am to 5pm. The SWG is controlled by an Intermatic timer, set to power it from 9am to 4:30pm. That insures that the SWG is...
  26. chiefwej

    Add solar and salt?

    The following is assuming you are not interested in adding an expensive automation system. I’m using a Pentair SolarTouch controller which connects to my Pentair Intelliflo VS pump. It’s an inexpensive ($250-300) controller and is setup to boost the speed of the pump when solar comes on. The...
  27. chiefwej

    SWG End Caps Too Tight. Can't remove.

    Bonus, the cord doesn’t interfere with using a strap wrench.
  28. chiefwej

    Issue changing light

    Once you have the light housing up on the pool deck you can confirm what gasket you need. It can be done fairly easily without opening the fixture ( it’s only one screw). Once it is opened, you do need to have a new gasket as well as the bulb you intend to install. When I did my son’s pool...