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    Plumbing in new pump - flexible or rigid pvc?

    I'm going to be replacing my existing Hayward single speed 1.5hp pump with a new Circupool variable speed 3hp pump. The spacing of the supply and return fittings for both pumps is fairly close, the new fitting for the filter basket is 2" higher and the fitting to the multi-port valve is 1/2"...
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    Wiring for circupool RJ-60 SWG

    I'm going to be converting over to salt during the winter season, plan is to replace my Hayward 1.5hp single speed pump with a Circupool 1.5hp vsp and add a Circupool rj-60 SWG. I currently have a mechanical timer controlling pump run time and will be using the same setup for the new pump and...
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    First Post - Chlorine Question

    First and foremost, this forum has been very helpful in helping me understand chemical balance and how to properly maintain a pool. Many thanks to all the people who take time to answer questions and contribute! I purchased a home with a pool about three years ago. This is my first pool and I...