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    Chlorine holding during SLAM

    started my SLAM. I feel as if I’m a SLAM champion after last year, what a hot mess that was. This year I had so many things going for me, aside from the green pool. But seriously, I didn’t even have tadpoles this year! Or mounds and mounds of pinestraw hiding at the bottom of the pool. This will...
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    Have a long weekend vacay coming up. As of now, CYA is 30 and I lose 3ppm FC a day on sunny days. Less for cloudy/rainy days. If I were to bring FC up to shock level, in theory, by Monday my FC would be zero. If I were to raise my CYA to 40 and then bring it to shock level, in theory, by Monday...
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    Am I done yet??

    Is this TFP clear? Can I stop slamming assuming I pass OCLT tomorrow?
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    Rectangle mesh pool cover

    12x24 intex ultra frame rectangular pool cover. Anyone had any luck finding a mesh cover that works well?
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    Chlorinating pool while covered

    Kind of like it sounds. What would you think is the best way? I need to cover the pool with this tropical depression headed this way over the weekend. I get at least half a leaf net full of debris skimming on a daily basis. I planned to bring it up to shock level Thursday evening. (Still...
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    Swimming with a TA of 120

    Unable to test PH due to high FC level, but test everything else this am: FC-11.5 CC-0 TA-120 CYA-30 Been SLAMing for several weeks finally planned to get in today! Pool math says to lower TA with acid then aerate for PH. I assume I’ll have to point return up if possible to aerate since I...
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    Over the wall skimmer with no suction

    Well the title pretty much sums it up. Please excuse my ignorance to what is to follow lol. I pulled the basket out to clean etc, but when I reach my hand in there seems to be almost no water flow. PSI on pump is normal. But my question is, with this being an over the wall skimmer can I just...
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    Backwashing after LC

    How soon after adding LC can I backwash? I don’t want to backwash what I put in there 🤣 it’s been an hour since adding. My eyes were playing tricks on me when I checked the PSI before adding. TIA!
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    TFTestkit finally in! Results posted, SLAM needed.

    Received my test kit today! Need to start a slam ASAP. Intex above ground close to 10k gallons. Results- FC-3ppm CC-1.5 ppm TA-60 Ph from the k-100 kit indicates 6.8 CYA I can only assume is close to 0 Seriously, I did the test 3 times and even YouTubed it to make sure I was doing it correctly...
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    Waiting on TF-100

    After reading in this forum (which is amazing by the way) I ordered TF-100 to accurately test my pool chemistry etc. my question is, is there anything I can do for my pool while I wait for it to come in? I’ve been using a leaf rake to dip debris from bottom of the pool (lots of pine straw.) been...