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    What kind of fixture do I have and what bulb would I need?

    Good morning, So two out of my three pool lights have gone out. I went online to see how one replaces them and I keep coming across fixtures that look quite different than mine. Mine do not have a screw. It looks almost like the lens cap itself may unscrew with those four notches, but I'm a...
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    Pump keeps blowing the capacitor

    We were hit hard by a dust storm here in AZ last night. I noticed my pool vac moving along much slower than usual. This morning I woke up and opened up my pump to clean out the impeller which is usually the culprit for a slow moving vac (A neighbor has a tree with little branches that sneak...
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    Reverse osmosis or wait to drain?

    Hello all, I'm new to the forums and new to being a pool owner. Unfortunately, I was "pool-stored" for the two months or so of pool ownership before discovering this website. The two months I've owned the home the water has looked clear (once it became cloudy but cleared up with store product)...