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    FC and CC

    My mind is a bit blown, so I just wanted to double check and just ask. Per the TFP method, I should keep my FC levels at the right level, per the chart somewhere on this site. Question 1: If/when my CC levels rise above .5 then there's something going on and I need to SLAM. Otherwise, the CC...
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    SLAM chlorine test

    Thank you. It finally clicked on what the SLAM instructions meant with a FAS-DPD tester once I had it, found directions, and re-re-read (again) the SLAM directions in pool school. Lots to learn, and apparently Im a slow learner. Thank you!!
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    SLAM chlorine test

    Thank you for your help, folks! If I buy just the refill FAS-DPD kit, can I use it with what I have in my Taylor k-1004? Or do I really need to dish out $100 for the whole shabang kit? Thanks for pointing out the MA is only for 24 hours. I think I missed that.
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    SLAM chlorine test

    Hi Forgive me if this was already asked and answered. When doing a SLAM, and following the table on how high my chlorine needs to be for the CYA and mustard algae I'm trying to kill, how do I test my water for such a high chlorine level I need? Most testing kits, including the one I have...