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    Cleaning Anchor solid safety cover

    This is my first time opening the pool on my own. The company that I used over that past several years would clean the pool cover by spraying it with an unknown solution and then hosing it down before folding it up while still wet. What should I use to clean it? Is a pressure washer safe to...
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    Are Whiperflow motors interchangeable (1.5 to 1.0 hp)

    A friend of mine has a Whisperflow pump with a 1.0 hp motor and I have one with a 1.5 motor. He has a 40K gallon pool and mine is about 19k gallons. Are the motors interchangeable? Both motors are currently wired 240V. What else is involved in this type of swap? Anything else besides the motor?
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    Need help Re-attaching Pump Wiring

    I plan to open my own pool this year (first time). When it was closed, the pool guy removed the pump motor and I don't know which wire goes where. From the panel, there are three wires (green/red/black). At the pump, there are three possible connections (white/brown/green screw). According to...
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    Shelf life of TF100 testers

    I've had my full kit for over three years and have only purchased the chlorine tester (stored at 72 degrees). I recently used the Calcium test, nd while the solution didn't mix well, the color changed as expected. Is it time for new testers?
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    Yellow staining around my mosaic

    During the last couple of days, my 3 foot sea horse mosaic, which is on the floor of the shallow end, has yellow staining around the edges, it resembles rust and will not brush away. What could be causing this and what can I do to reverse it? :oops: I also have a couple of specs that come...
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    Changing Whisper Flow Pump from 1.5 to 1 hp

    How do I go about downgrading my Whisper Flow pump to a 1 HP from a 1.5. Is this all electrical related or is there plumbing involved? My plumbing is all 2" with the exception of the pressure side cleaner which is 1.5". Should I expect a significant savings? I run the pump about 8-9 hours...
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    independent leaf skimmer

    I remember seeing a leaf skimmer on this site that worked independent of the regular skimmers. The one I'm speaking of is supposed float around the pool and skim the surface of the water. I thought it got great reviews from folks here. I've tried searching here and on ebay and can't find it...
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    Winter Closing with SWCG (Moved from swg forum)

    A&S service department closed my pool for the 1st time yesterday. When they were about to leave, I asked if they separated the couplers on my Heat Siphon heat pump. Guy #1separated the top one and asked Guy #2 if he had already done so, he replied yes and so guy # 1 put it back together. They...
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    Aquapure SWCG 1400

    A&S service department closed my pool for the 1st time yesterday. When they were about to leave, I asked if they separated the couplers on my Heat Siphon heat pump. Guy #1separated the top one and asked Guy #2 if he had already done so, he replied yes and so guy # 1 put it back together. They...
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    Anchor cover

    My pool cover, which has yet to be installed, was included in the price of my A&S contract. It is an Anchor brand solid cover with pump. Should I expct this to be of any quality? How does it compare to the Loop Loc covers?
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    Chemicals needed for pool closing

    I am closing the pool for the first time next month. A&S Pool Service Department wants lots of cash to just add chemicals and to blow out pipes. Can anyone here advise what type of "closing" chemicals I will need to have on hand . I don't know what my numbers will be then (mid Oct), I am...
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    Solar cover and high FC

    My SWCG (Aquapure 1400) was originally set at 50% with no cover and kept the FC at about 5. Once things began to cool down at night (55 degrees), the FC got to about 11. I set the SWCG to 40% and then turned on my heatpump and put on a solar cover which has been on fro about 4 days. My water...
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    Shouldn't my water be crysrtal clear?

    My SWCG was activated last thursday. Prior to adding salt, my water was well balanced and crystal clear using tri chlor tabs. My salt is now at 3500ppm (within range for Aquapure 1400), other numbers are as follows: FC 5.0 TC 5.0 CYA 60 TA 100 CH 250 PH 7.3 Temp 80. I run my pump 12 hours...
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    What to do w/chemicals after SWGC activation

    My pool was opened on July 2, 2007. At that time, being totally ignorant to this pool business, I purchased various chemicals per the service department's recommendations--the rep. knew the Aquapure swcg would be activateed 1 month later as they were doing the activation, that happened this...
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    High FC with new TFP test kit

    I just received my TFP Test kit. I tested the FC twice and my results are off the chart [high]-orange. PH at 7.2. The day prior I got a computer analysis and FC tested at 2.45 . My pump was running 24 hours with the tri-chlor pucks in the skimmer baskets while waiting the 30 days from...
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    Problems after adding calcium?

    OK, I know I goofed, how bad? I added Calcium Increaser but diluted in bucket with water ahead of time and it turned hot (4lbs.). I've been so acustomed to diluting everything that I didn't realize I was suppossed to broadcast it in dry. I didn't read instructions until after my next goof up...
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    stainless/nylon brush

    Is it safe to use a stainless/nylon combo brush on a Ansylbrite (A&S brand quartz) finish that is just over 2 weeks old? If so, when will it be safe-after 30 days curing?
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    Newbie with test #'s

    Hi all, I just shocked last night (1st time) at about 9:30 pm based on recommendation of service dept. guy who stated do it one week after indoctrination and the fact that we had a pool full of kids day this past Thursday (and several kids in since first day). The pool is less about two weeks...
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    DE filter pressure frequently high

    My pool was opened for the first time Monday, July 3rd with fresh quartz plaster. I've brushed at 3-4 times a day. My DE filter only lasts about 24 hours at the normal 12psi; so far, I've backwashed 3 times due to high pressure. Is this normal or could the grids be clogged this soon?
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    New Quartz Plaster-rust colored stains

    My new pool was plastered last Thursday, June 28 and filled by Sat, June 30 with city water. The free Chlorine Level is within range according to test strips but the PH is still a couple of shades high. From Wed to Thurs, about four dime sized rust colored stains developed in an isolated area...
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    Newbie, Added Cynuric Acid too early

    Hi all, I am new to the pool thing and already I'm messing up. I also posted this on Garden Web and was told it was better suited for this site. My pool was plastered with Quartz aggregate last Thursday and opened yesterday. I videotaped the instruction but somehow missed the part of...