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    Does anyone use Pool Chemicals?

    Hi, Does anyone use Pool Chemicals? What are your thoughts on them? Thank you.
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    Help me decide which liner to choose 🤔

    Trying to decide on the liner. What are your thoughts? Left to right: 1. Highbury- Diffusion 2. Latham - Prism 3. Latham - Deep Blue Fusion Please post photos of these liners in your pool. 🙂:unsure:
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    Has anyone tried the Blue Connect Smart Pool Analyzer?

    Has anyone tried the Blue Connect Smart Pool Analyzer? Home - Blue Connect
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    Where should we put the Well point by the pool? High water table.

    Hi, We are getting ready to have a 16' x 34' vinyl pool installed with a constant depth of 52" to the middle of the skimmer. We have a very high ground water level and want to make sure that it is properly drained around the pool. They will backfill around the pool with crushed gravel. We...
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    Dolphin Warranty for Canadians buying Robotic cleaner in the States?

    Hi, I am interested in buying a Dolphin robotic cleaner from Marina Pools in the States. Have any Canadians had any issues with getting warranty service after purchasing the cleaner from the States? I live in Ontario. Thanks.
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    Wall Foam for Inground Pool?

    Hi, How many of you have put Wall foam on the walls of your inground pool? Trying to decide if we should do this or not.
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    Blue and Grey Molded Steps...Have they faded over time?

    How well does the colour last with the fibreglass blue or grey molded stairs? What has your experience been?
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    Help with Return Jet and Skimmer Placement (How many?)

    Hi everyone, I will be having a 16x34 inground pool put in soon, like the one shown in the photo and I would like your opinion as to how many return jets and skimmers there should be and approximately where would you place them? Thanks!
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    Can someone tell me what the height is of the Dolphin Pool Caddy?

    Can someone tell me what the height of the Dolphin Pool Caddy is? Thank you. :)
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    Which Cartridge Filter Should I Get?

    Good morning, I am getting an inground pool put in next Spring and have a question about which Cartridge Filter we should get put in the quote. The pool will be a free-form Odysee II, 16 x 34 and a constant water depth of 54". We understand that the filter should be oversized so we don't have...
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    Which size of Natural Gas Pool Heater?

    Hi, I have a quote for a 16x34 inground pool which includes a 250,000 btu natural gas heater. Is this big enough? Pool depth is constant at 54" of water. I live in Ontario, Canada and would be using the heater at the end of May perhaps, June, July, August and September. I see some people on...
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    Looking for Measurements for a Intex/Coleman/Bestway 12x22x52" Pool

    Hi, Looking for Measurements for a Intex/Coleman/Bestway 12x22x52" Steel Frame Pool If you have this pool could you please tell me what the support legs measure at the bottom where you would place them on a patio stone, etc... Also, how far is it in between each support leg? Thank you.
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    Taking apart and Re-installing a Resin above ground pool

    Hi, My question is, is it a good idea to take apart a six year old resin pool and move it to a new location and put it back together again? Would there be any issues with that? Thank you.