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  1. Saturn94

    Eliminate “Minimum” column on CYA/FC chart?

    I see so many posts all the time where pool owners are using the “Minimum“ FC number as their target, then don’t understand why they have issues when their FC is “fine”. It makes me wonder if having the “Minimum“ column is more confusing than useful. Has there been any discussion about...
  2. Saturn94

    Turn off SWCG when adding cal hypo?

    This year, due to the Covid19 situation, I’ll be using cal hypo to SLAM our pool at opening (I normally use bleach). I expect I’ll might also use cal hypo occasionally during this season if FC needs a boost. The added calcium shouldn’t be a problem since I‘ve never add any since switching to...
  3. Saturn94

    How to clean concrete?

    Our concrete pool deck is in need of cleaning. Shaded areas in particular are really dark (mildew?). Some years ago we cleaned it with a power washer, and while very effective, it left the concrete feeling rougher. Any suggestions for how to clean it in a way that won’t damage the concrete...
  4. Saturn94

    Are these salt products the same?

    I’m looking for salt for our pool and came across these two products;
  5. Saturn94

    Hayward T-15 cell prices....ouch!

    In May 2015 I bought a Hayward T-15 cell for $398 (Amazon). I expect this season or next season I may need to buy a new one, so I checked current prices. I was shocked to see the price has increased to $600! I know generics are cheaper, but I prefer not to go that route if possible. I’ve...
  6. Saturn94

    Pool leak, hire a leak detection/repair service?

    This season we seem to be losing more water than usual, about 1/2” per day. I did a bucket test, and after 24hrs the pool water level was was 1/4” lower than the bucket water level. After 38 hrs the difference increased to 1/2”. I know the past few seasons we’ve had a slow leak, about 1.5”...
  7. Saturn94

    What brand/type of salt do you recommend?

    So a local pool store carried a brand of salt that I really liked, US Salt Superior Crystal, but now they’ve closed up shop. Everyone else in the area carries Aqua Salt, a brand I really dislike (dirty, mystery “stain inhibitors” that no one knows what it is). No one else around here has the...
  8. Saturn94

    Ph drops over winter. Why?

    I’ve noticed every spring at opening ph has dropped from about 7.5 at closing (October) to about 7.0 at opening (May). Any idea why? At opening, I’ll bump up pH back to about 7.5 and it stays there all season; never have to add acid. The pool stays covered all winter; no chems added. It’s...
  9. Saturn94

    Wetsuit ok in chlorine pool?

    I was thinking about how to extend my swim season. Heating the pool isn’t an option, so I wondered about using a wetsuit. I know nothing about wetsuits, so did a little searching online. Advice seems all over the place regarding wearing a wetsuit in a chlorine pool; anywhere from it’s fine to...
  10. Saturn94

    Alternative to Bioguard filter cleaner?

    At closing I’ve been using this cleaner to clean the DE filter grids since 2004. : BioGuard Kleen It Filter Cleaner - 1 qt : Swimming Pool Chemicals And Supplies : Garden Outdoor It’s been working fine, but I wonder if there’s a cheaper alternative I can use (washing soda? TSP...
  11. Saturn94

    Ok pool gurus and experienced owners, fess up!

    Time for you pool gurus and experienced owners to fess up to bonehead pool care mistakes you made! I’ll go first. ;) At opening when I started up the filter, water started spraying out between the upper and lower housing. I first thought it broke (its 14 years old), but soon realized I forgot...
  12. Saturn94

    New post test

    Just testing to see if I can post a new thread here.
  13. Saturn94

    Home made liquid CYA?

    With the amount of rain we get during the season, requiring pumping out excess water, I usually have to add CYA several times a season. Adding dry CYA is somewhat of a pain, requiring running the pump longer than usual. I got to thinking, to make adjustments easier, what if I put granular CYA...
  14. Saturn94

    Replacing gaskets in Hayward multivalve?

    Last season I noticed my multivalve (Hayward Variflo SP710XR50) was leaking just a little under the handle. The valve was installed in March 2004 and has never been serviced, so I figured it’s problably time to replace the gaskets inside. I found a few videos online about replacing the spider...
  15. Saturn94

    Should I adjust TA?

    Gradually over the season my TA has dropped from 70 to 50 due to dilution from rain (had to pump out excess water on several occasions this season; not unusual for here). As usual, pH has remained very stable, 7.4-7.5, the entire season without having to add any MA. Is there any reason I would...
  16. Saturn94

    Has PoolMath been updated recently?

    I noticed the recommended pH range has changed on PoolMath. It now says 7.5-7.8. I'm pretty sure before the low end was lower (7.2??). My pH stays rock solid at 7.4 all season (no acid additions needed). Before that was considered fine. But now PoolMath indicates it's low? Anyone know why...
  17. Saturn94

    Help with Polaris 280 issue

    My Polaris is just a few years old and up until now has performed well. This season I noticed that it's not going into the shallow end much. When climbing the incline, which isn't steep, from the deep end to the shallow end I noticed it will curve to the right rather than going straight, hence...
  18. Saturn94

    Why did pH drop over winter?

    I was discussing with friends my spring opening in progress and the question came up about why my pool's pH drops during the winter. Normally when I close in early October the pH is at 7.5. When I open in early May the pH is usually 7.0 - 7.2. Despite being covered with a solid cover...
  19. Saturn94

    pH, TA, and borates adjustment order?

    I see on Pool Math pH, TA, and borates affect each other. So when adjusting, is there a preferred order?
  20. Saturn94

    Which tests affected by high FC?

    I know the pH test is adversely affected by FC over 10ppm, but how about the other tests we normally do, plus borates via Lamotte strips and salt via AquaCheck strips (I use Taylor kits for everything else)?
  21. Saturn94

    Algae despite good FC level...are phosphates to blame?

    Dave suggested I start a thread here in response to my post in this thread; EWKearns - phosphates - Page 2 Here's the relevant part of what I posted; "...I had a situation last season where I got some algae growth on one wall despite keeping FC at or above the recommended target level (never...
  22. Saturn94

    What to do with phosphate remover?

    My apologies if this isn't in the right place. I have a bottle of "Phos X" left over from a closing kit I bought a few seasons ago (I no longer use the stuff after learning it was unecessary). I can't return it so it's just sitting in the closet. How can I get rid of it? I guessing pouring...
  23. Saturn94

    Remove ladder?

    We have a ladder in the deep end (deep end is 5.5ft) that we never use. Sometimes when brushing I notice that some algae grows in the crevasses under each step. Since we never use it, I'm thinking of just removing it. My question is, what's the best way to cover the holes/sleeves left in the...
  24. Saturn94

    Use up remaining bleach before SWCG starup?

    I finished the SLAM process after spring opening and I'm waiting for FC to drop to normal maintenance level before firing up the SWCG. I still have 6 jugs of 8.25% bleach left over. Should I just use that up first to maintain FC before switching to the SWCG?
  25. Saturn94

    What CL level safe for Polaris 280?

    I opened my pool early this week and have finished the SLAM process (made sure it met all 3 conditions twice to make sure). My current FC level is 25 and CYA is at 80. I'll let FC drift down on its own to about 7 before starting up my SWCG. I'd like to start using my Polaris 280, but don't...
  26. Saturn94

    How likely is it my pump was damaged?

    I received my new Hayward 6060 booster pump in the mail today. The box was obviously dropped. The outside box is crushed on one side and the cardboard supports in the inner box that hold the pump is ripped such the the motor is pressed against the side of the box. There are no obvious signs...
  27. Saturn94

    Chlorine may be hard on bathing suits

    This off topic side conversation has been split off of this topic. JasonLion Just keep in mind that what's safe for you may be hard on bathing suits depending on the material they're made of. In other words, if your going to swim at close to SLAM levels, wear an old suit. ;) (or no suit :eek: )
  28. Saturn94

    Which Jack's Magic to use in salt pool?

    I've been using the Purple Stuff successfully for years in my salt pool. Over on the Pool Forum (recently disappeared!) it was mentioned that the Pink Stuff is about twice as concentrated as the Purple stuff (60% vs 30%). They didn't seem to indicate there was any other difference besides...
  29. Saturn94

    Pool Forum?

    My apologies if this isn't an appropriate question here. seems to have vanished without warning. Does anyone here know what happened? Thanks.