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    Hayward Pro DE filter model identification

    Can anyone help me identify the model of my Hayward Pro DE filter? I cannot find a model number and want to order a new set of filter grids.
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    I love my robot

    I used to dread spring when all the trees surrounding my pool would bloom and drop pollen into the water. Even with a screen enclosure, my pool would get filled with pollen from the 14 oak trees in my back yard. My in floor cleaning system just blew the fine pollen around and never really...
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    What measuring device do you all use?

    I'm on a quest to be a bit more accurate when adding MA to my pool. I use gallon jugs of MA from the pool store and pool math typically has me adding 16 - 32oz each week. The jugs are opaque and impossible to gauge. Does everyone use something like a large measuring cup? The less I handle MA...
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    Greetings from Clearwater

    Been enjoying this site as I prepare to upgrade my pool with two Pentair VS pumps. I currently run a main SS 2.5hp pump and a second SS 1.5hp pump for my spillover spa.
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    Aquabot X4

    New member here but long time pool owner in Florida. My pool is screened in so I've been reluctant to purchase a cleaner over the years. I finally took the plunge and purchased an Aquabot X4 three week ago. These don't seem to get much love or discussion here, so I thought I would write of...