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    Pool plumbing- 90 degrees angles

    It looks fine
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    Wimpy spa jets

    Yes they a 1hp full rated motors, can you drain spa into pool down below jets and then turn on one pump at a time to see what is going on?
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    Hayward pool light question

    It is very possible you could use the Amerilite but I would contact Inyo Pools first to see. They also have a line of lights called Pureline that may work
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    Help: Pentair Nautilus NFS DE buttress removal tool/instructions

    Pentair has a adapter wrench part#154512 for the TR-60 6" filter lid that looks really close to this top
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    Pool light bulbs

    What brand is the light fixture?
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    Wimpy spa jets

    It really depends on the impeller hp. You can go with a larger hp motor but you will get the flow rate of the impeller that is installed. The confusing part is whether the Hp on the pumps is full-rated or up rated. Look for the service factor on the motors to find out what they are. Also if...
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    Raypal 266 millivolt natural gas heater, pilot won't light

    Not sure how far you want to go but there is a orfice inside at the bottom of pilot assy. You need to remove the tubing from the assy. and unscrew the nut. If it is severely rusted you have to be careful not to break.
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    Suction Leak Near Pump

    It should thread out it doesn't look like the glue is on the inside threads, just be careful
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    Controlling Pentair Intelliflo Remotely via Wifi

    The Intelliconnect was designed for the variable speed pumps, or single and two speeds.
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    Raypal 266 millivolt natural gas heater, pilot won't light

    May have to clean pilot assembly, and/or replace the pilot generator
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    Heater Output

    You would have to check the incoming pressure with a manometer and make sure it is within the heater's spec's. You probably will have to install a two stage regulator at the heater
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    Suction Leak Near Pump

    First of all the fitting on top of pump is on the pressure side of pump and would not cause a suction leak but just leak water. If the tried to fix the the fitting going into the pump by dabbing glue on it that would never seal and that is where the air is coming from. You have a union right...
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    Pentair pump - will only prime when I trick it - any time Variable speed drops below near max, it won't prime again

    If your running the pump at full speed (which I don't suggest) an it is primed and then switches to a lower speed the pump is still primed. But if you get a priming error there may be something wrong with the drive, you can go into the menu and disable the priming feature and see if that works...
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    Controlling Pentair Intelliflo Remotely via Wifi

    Was going to say this would also work but you already purchased.
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    Do they make a plug that you can put in the white piping of your equipment if you no longer use your chlorinator and thus have black tubing there?

    Depending what chlorinator you have the hole can be drilled out or not and you could tap with a 1/4" or 3/8" npt tap, then install appropriate plug
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    New Hayward/flow controller??
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    how do I combine two 1.5" lines into a larger suction line /upgrading to VS pump

    I would use a 2"-1/2" 3 way Jandy valve, it is a tee but can accommodate 2" or 1 1/2" plumbing and also act as valve for balancing the two lines
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    Drain cover/assembly broken in the spa (that spillsover into pool)

    They split the drains for additional safety
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    Help Identifying Piece of Plumbing

    This might have been a part for winterizing the cell. There should be screen placed in there when in normal operation. Google Autopilot manual
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    Need help identifying spa jets
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    Need help identifying this flush mount fitting

    Buy TC3 Flush Mount Wall Return Jet: 1.5" and 1" Return Inlet - Light Gray $9.99, You have to buy the whole fitting
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    Using a variable pump for an infinity pool catch basin?,-265,798
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    Name that Niche
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    Name that Niche
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    Autofill float valve question

    It is usually the 3/8"
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    RESOLVED! Troubleshooting Hayward H200FDP Heater

    What is the inlet pressure when the gas valve opens. Never mind, you might look into a two stage regulator
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    Weir door identification

    Pretty sure it's this one,Skim-Clean Skimmer Weir Assembly
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    Can I replace these with exact ones
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    Converting my suction line to a pressure line

    Should just thread out, CCW