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    Rookie question

    Good evening I am preparing to SLAM my pool. Other than adding stabilizer and lowering the pH to 7.2. Should I wait to address TA until after the SLAM is complete? TH- 100 FC - 0 pH - 7.8 TA - 40 CYA - 0 Also, I am using 3" Suncoast Chlor tabs (trichlor). Thanks!!
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    CareTaker 99 crack

    Hey guys/gals, As I was replacing the PSI gauge on my caretaker 99 yesterday I over tightened it and now have a hairline fracture that only leaks when the PSI is over 10. Is there a way I can repair the crack without having to replace the entire dome? I was thinking about using some 2 part...
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    Confused newbie/Water leak

    Good morning everyone and thanks in advance for your help. About 6 months ago I purchase a home with a gunite pool that is probably the same age as the house (1994). That being said, there are a number of things I need to address but I believe the most pressing a possible leak. Based a...